1971, Volume 17, Issue 3
227-239 Simanovskiĭ L.N.
Mechanisms of adaptation to hypoxia in the red blood system
239-243 Klement'eva I.V., Efimov A.Z.
Change in coupling of oxidation and phosphorylation in liver mitochondria following administration of some compounds related to riboflavin
244-249 Moshkovskiĭ I.Kh., Vozvyshaeva L.V., Mashkovskiĭ M.D.
Color reaction between RNA, its hydrolysis products and some physiologically active aromatic amines
249-254 Pogodaev K.I., Turova N.F., Klemiashov G.P.
Proteins of a series of brain sections of rabbits with experimental atherosclerosis
254-260 Demin N.N., Nechaeva G.A., Rubinskaia N.L.
Some interrelations between the effects of acetylcholine and catecholamines on RNA metabolism in nerve tissues
260-263 Fedorov N.A., Matveenko V.N.
Free pyrimidine and purine content in rat liver and incorporation of NaHC 14 O 3 under the action of a single intraperitoneal injection of orotic acid
263-266 Gaevskaia M.S., Belitskaia R.A.
Nonesterified fatty acid content of the blood plasma in hypobiosis
266-270 Rozengart V.I., Chingisova R.A., Shmeleva V.G., Shcehrbak I.G.
Breakdown of an organophosphorus cholinesterase inhibitor in animal tissues
270-274 Shol'ts K.F., Nikolaeva-Romberg M.I.
Change in the citrate content of rat liver during ether anesthesia
274-277 Kogan E.S.
Effect of ATP on serotonin content of tissues during muscular atrophy caused by peripheral denervation
282-285 Nikiforovskaia L.F.
Acid mucopolysaccharides of white rat kidneys
286-290 Mosolova I.M., Gorskaia I.A., Shol'ts K.F., Kotel'nikova A.V.
Preparation from rat liver of tightly coupled mitochondria with storage stability
290-293 Karmanskiĭ I.M., Morozkin A.D.
Dissociation of phytohemagglutinin from bean seeds into subunits
293-298 Meerson F.Z., Markovskaia G.I., Leĭkina E.M., Shaginova S.I.
Effect of preliminary training to physical loading on the activation of protein and nucleic acid synthesis during compensatory hyperfunction of the heart
298-301 Berdinskikh N.K., Kozak V.V., Khomenko A.K., Shliakhovenko V.A.
Effect of homogenization conditions on preservation of rat liver polyribosomes
301-306 Mironov G.P., Molchanova L.V.
SH--SS transition reactions during fibrin formation
306-310 Rubinskaia N.L.
RNA content in rat spinal cord motor neurons, cerebellar Purkinje cells and their glial satellite cells in picrotoxin convulsions
311-315 Nesynova L.I., Nesynov E.P.
Study of the interaction of ATP with dithiocarbamic acid derivatives using IR and UV spectra
315-320 Zaretskiĭ I.Z., Farashian V.R., Tikhonenko T.I.
Study of the kinetics of T2 phage adsorption on E. coli B cells and stabilization of the phage-cell complex for treatment in a homogenizer
321-327 Rozen V.B., Zavadskiĭ P.S., Volchek A.G.
Further study on the plasma and liver factors participating in transcortin activation
331-335 Lankin V.Z., Sadovnikova I.P.
Simple quantitative method of direct transesterification of higher fatty acid in biological samples
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