1970, Volume 16, Issue 6
563-583 Voskresensky O.N., Levitsky A.P.
Lipid peroxides in the living organism
583-587 Alimov Sh.A., Kazakov K.S., Motorina V.V., Prokof'eva V.V., Chernik M.B.
Blood serum enzymes during drug intolerance in pulmonary tuberculosis
587-591 Kruchakova F.A., Rudchenko I.A.
Effect of supplementary administration of pyridoxine and pantothenic acid on the activity of transaminases in the tissues of guinea pigs treated for long periods with antibacterial preparations
591-594 Gorkin V.Z., Davydova S.Ya.
Monoamine oxidase activity of the plasma membranes of liver and ascites hepatoma cells in rats
595-600 Karelin A.A., Mardashev S.R.
Repression and depression of glycine amidinotransferase in the rat pancreas at different stages of the development of pancreatitis
600-602 Raskin I.M., Zhelezovskaia I.B., Revkevich M.P.
Blood fibrinogen and vitamin A in coronary disease
603-606 Kochetov G.A., Kobylianskaia K.R.
Characteristics of photooxidation of amino acids in model systems
607-612 Boechko F.F.
Effect of cobalt on blood cholesterol and experimental atherosclerosis
613-616 Liubovich E.N., D'iakova T.E.
Effect of vitamin A deficiency on some aspects of mucopolysaccharide metabolism
616-623 Volchek A.G.
Isolation and study of the physical chemical properties of transcortin from human retroplacental plasma
623-629 Safrazbekian R.R., Sukasian R.S.
Effect of indolylhydrazides and their isopropyl derivatives on the monoamine oxidase activity of rat brain and liver
629-638 Diatlovitskaia E.V., Krasovskii E.D., Bergel'son L.D.
Tumor lipids. The problem of malignolipin
639-642 Berman A.L.
Modification of SF-10 and SF-14 spectrophotometers
642-645 Saperov V.N., Sheĭn V.B., Saperova E.F.
Procedure for determining catecholamines by a fluorometric method
646-649 Eliseeva I.E., Orekhovich V.N., Pavlikhina L.V., Alekseenko L.P.
Carboxycathepsin--a key enzyme for 2 systems regulating blood pressure
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