1965, Volume 11, Issue 5
3-11 Mazurik V.K., Rabinkova E.V.
Metabolism of beta-aminoisobutyric acid in man and animals under normal conditions and in some pathological states
11-17 Bychkov S.M., Khazanova A.I.
Interaction of chondromucoprotein and chondroitin sulfate A with polymyxin M
17-22 Loviagina T.N., Ban'kovskaia E.B.
On the beta-lipoprotein content in the blood serum and aortic wall in experimental atherosclerosis
22-26 Starosel'skiĭ D.V.
On the mechanisms of regulation of cholesterol esterification in injuries of liver
26-31 Golubev D.B., Poliak R.Ya., Zhilova G.P., Ventman N.L.
Changes in the activity of some enzymes participating in carbohydrate metabolism in tissue cultures infected by viruses and their infectious RNA
36-42 Balakhovskiĭ I.S., Dlusskaia I.G., Orlova T.A.
Fluorometric study on the corticosterone content of the blood of rats and in synthesis of corticosterone in surviving suprarenal tissue
42-46 Ogorodnikova L.G.
Effect of cortisone and hydrocortisone on the glucose-6-phosphatase activity of the liver in chick embryos
46-48 Davidovskiĭ L.Ya., Dauranov I.G.
Blood serum proteins in experimental allergic carditis
49-54 Leĭtes S.M., Davtian N.K.
Effect of glucose absorption by adipose tissue on its lipolytic activity in experimental diabetes and under the influence of certain hormones
55-58 Surinov B.P., Manoĭlov S.E.
Determination of the activity of proteolytic enzymes by means of azocasein
59-63 Krivopusk M.E.
Ammonia, glutamic acid, glutamine and gamma-aminobutyric acid in lumbar and brain ventricular fluid in patients with tumors of the central nervous system
63-65 Khvatova E.M., Shvets N.A.
Oxidation and phosphorylation in brain mitochondria in deep hypothermia
65-68 Libikova N.I.
Effect of cystamine and s-beta-aminoethylisothiouronium on the activity of DNAase II in spleen and thymus of irradiated rats
68-70 Alimova M.M.
A study on the distribution of haptoglobin types
70-74 Kolotilova A.I., Lyzlova S.N., Vagner V.K., Korovkin B.F.
On some biochemical changes in heart muscle and blood in early stages of experimental myocardial infarction
74-77 Toporov I.A., Grinshteĭn S.M.
Glycoproteins in the blood serum of patients with chronic traumatic osteomyelitis
77-83 Alimova E.K., Kisliakova N.D.
Higher fatty acids of bound lipids in diphtheria bacteria
83-87 Baranova F.S., Tustanovskiĭ A.A.
Effect of the functional state of the reticuloendothelial system cells on the content of mucoproteins in the blood serum
88-91 Alimova E.K., Zhivoderov V.M., Endakova E.A.
A micro-method for quantitative determination of higher fatty acids in blood serum
91-94 Gorodetskiĭ V.K., Lukomskaia I.S.
Manufacture and use of test-paper for a rapid method of glucose estimation in urine
95-97 Ostrovskiĭ I.M.
Impermeability of the blood-brain barrier to hydroxythiamine
97-100 Tsvetkova I.V.
On the activity of neuraminic acid aldolase and neuraminidase in the cells of ascite and solid forms of hepatoma 22 in mice
100-101 Manoĭlov S.E., Vovsi B.A., Dmitrieva V.A., Polosova R.G.
On the role of catalase in the processes of tissue respiration of the liver in white rats
109-111 Khaĭkina B.I.
Some comments on approaches to the study of proteins in the nervous system
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