1973, Volume 19, Issue 6
563-567 Trufanov A.V.
New data on the metabolism and mechanism of action of vitamin D
570-573 Geller L.I., Kazimirchik A.P., Amatniak A.G., Kontsevaia N.G.
Biogenic amines in chronic pancreatitis
573-577 Berezov T.T., Saburova L.M., Selivanova L.P., Klimovitskaia P.L.
Determination of adenylic nucleotides in tissues of ischemic transplants
590-593 Shirinian E.A., Frolov E.P., Matlina E.Kh.
Effect of craniocerebral trauma on catecholamine content in guinea pig tissues with partially demedullated adrenal glands
596-599 Benisevich V.I., Idel'son L.I.
Formation of peroxides of unsaturated fatty acids in cell walls of erythrocytes in Marcyafawa-Mikely disease
603-608 Shaposhnikov A.M., Dobroborskaia T.N., Skachkov M.M., Vinogradova A.G., Gromova V.I.
Disorders of the liver phenylalanine hydroxylase system in viral hepatitis
613-617 Kharchenko M.F.
Glycosaminoglycans of human thrombocytes in normal conditions, in chronic myeloid leukosis, myelofibrosis and polycythemia vera
638-640 Kasavina B.S., Zangieva V.D.
Effect of hydrocortisone on the lactate dehydrogenase isoenzyme spectrum of the rabbit crystalline lens
652-655 Magrachova E.Ya.
Separation of lipoproteins from blood serum by polyacrylamide disc electrophoresis
655-659 Keda B.I., Mikrikova L.V., Vinnitskaia E.B.
Determination of biogenic amines and mixtures of histamine with amino acids by thin layer chromatography on a mixed absorbent
659-662 Golikov P.P.
Method of determining 18-21-dihydroxy-pregnen-4-en-3,20-dione (18OH-DHO) in blood outflowing from rat adrenal glands
662-665 Shlygin G.K., Poriadkov L.F.
Method of determining enterokinase
665-666 Prasolova Z.V., Leont'eva N.A., Galegov G.A.
RNA synthesis and reproduction of yellow fever virus (strain 17D)
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