1967, Volume 13, Issue 3
227-239 Oganesian S.S.
Interreaction of acetylcholine with contractile substrate of muscle
239-242 Pikulev A.T., Povarich L.I., Votiakov V.I., Nikonovich L.I.
Alanine aminotransferase and aspartate aminotransferase activity in cultured chicken fibroblasts in the process of growing and after infection by vaccinia virus
242-247 Telepneva V.I., Isaeva I.V.
Enzymatic transformation of NAD in cellular fractions of normal and denervate skeletal muscles
247-250 Kruglov E.N.
Changes in blood serum protein levels in normal pregnancy and labour, and in the postpartum and lactation periods
251-256 Belousov A.P., Shurina N.A.
Comparative characteristics of soluble lung tumor proteins
256-260 Lazaris I.A., Veksler R.I.
Role of chelate-forming compounds in disorders of the incretory function of the pancreas
261-263 Petrenko M.G., Bezvershenko A.I.
Changes in the extent of the crabtree effect in ascitic lymphoma NK/ly induced by hydrocortisone
263-270 Sorkina D.A.
Conformational changes in blood serum proteins in the process of effecting their transport function
271-276 Veretinskaia A.G.
Biochemical and histochemical changes of nucleic acid content at various periods of development of experimentally induced silicosis
276-278 Belov G.F.
Significance of determining the coefficient of the cholesterol esterification for evaluating the severity of the course Botkin's disease
278-282 Il'in V.S., Polikarpova L.I.
The effect of hydrocortisone and insulin on the synthesis of alanine-alpha-ketoglutarate and aspartate-alpha-ketoglutarate transaminase in rat liver
283-286 Urbaniuk K.G.
Fibrinolysis and fibrinogenolysis in hypertensive disease
286-290 Ermolaev K.M., Gridneva L.I., Maĭmind V.I., Gorkin V.Z.
Inhibition of monoamine oxidase activity by 2-N-acetylaminocyclohexene-2-one and related compounds
291-295 Savitskiĭ I.V., Zelinskiĭ V.G.
Effect of several radiomimetics on nicotinamide methylation in albina rat liver slices
295-299 Promyslov M.Kh., Tigranian R.A., Evsina N.Yu.
Some aspects of carbohydrate metabolism of the brain of closed cranio-cerebral injury
299-303 Bydovskiĭ E.I., Klebanova L.M.
Alkaline hydrolysis of ribonucleic acids
303-307 Mardashev S.R., Fitsner A.B.
Effect of some barbiturates on pyrimidine biosynthesis in vitro
307-313 Birk R.V.
Studies on the energetics of tumors and normal tissues with various sensitivity to alkylating agents
314-320 Gordeev I.N., Kobozev G.V.
Apparatus for vertical electrophoresis in starch and agar gel
320-322 Dancheva K.I.
Quantitative determination of the nucleic acids in isolated cell nuclei of the thymus
322-325 Derkachev E.F., Mnuskin M.G., Manoĭlov S.E.
Modification of Model SF-10 spectrophotometer for recording the cytochrome absorption spectra in mitochondria
325-327 Shaposhnikov A.M.
Rapid method for the diagnosis of phenylpyruvic oligophrenia
328-331 Khokhlov A.P., Debov S.S., Mardashev S.R.
Excretion of phenylacetylglutamine and phenylpyruvate acid in diseases of the liver
331-333 Moskvitina T.A.
On the differentiation of ribonuclease F from ribonuclease A
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