1976, Volume 22, Issue 6
On the 60th birthday of A. A. Pokrovskiĭ.
728-732 Bersimbaev R.I.
Binding of C14-histamine by plasma membranes of cells from gastric mucosa of rats
732-735 Nesterova V.I., Chebotareva M.A.
Thiamine content and enzyme activity in blood cells in leukemia
736-740 Kudriashov B.A., Bagaz'ian G.G., Ul'ianov A.M., Liapina L.A., Sytina N.P.
Delay in thrombin clearance as a diagnostic test of prethrombosis in depression of the anticoagulation system caused by atherogenic diet
740-746 Manankova N.M., Nedel'kina S.V., Kozhemiakina N.N., Salganik R.I.
Use of synthetic steroids, inhibitors of microsomal enzymes, for retention of hexenal in the body and for prolongation of hexenal anesthesia under experimental conditions
746-749 Speranskaia N.V., Ozerova I.N., Chernysheva N.P., Gerasimova E.N.
Effect of cortisol on the state of adenyl cyclase system in rabbits
750-753 Chemodurov N.T., Kiriukhin I.F., Nazarevskiĭ N.G.
Quantitative analysis of human blood serum proteins in normal state and in various surgical diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and liver
753-758 Meerson F.Z., Iavich M.P., Lerman M.I.
RNA and protein metabolism in the myocardium in aging and long-term hyperfunction of the heart
758-764 Vaisfel'd I.L., Il'icheva R.F., Almaeva S.N.
Biogenic amines in adaptation of the body to muscular activity
764-768 Shatskaia T.L., Krasnopol'skaia K.D., Idel'son L.I.
New variant of glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase (G-6-PD 'Kaluga') from erythrocytes of a patient with chronic nonspherocytic hemolytic anemia
769-773 Puzach S.S., Ostrovskiĭ I.M.
Antivitamin activity of thiaminase from freshwater bicuspid molluscs after parenteral administration of the enzyme to albino mice
773-778 Kozhevnikova K.A.
Effect of insulin and hydrocortisone on the isoenzyme composition of pyruvate kinase in the rabbit kidney
778-784 Panchenko L.F., Asoian G.A., Gerasimov A.M., Komarov O.S., Ushenkova L.N.
Labilization of lysosomal and peroxisomal membranes in the kidneys preserved by transrenal gas perfusion
784-791 Barabash R.D., Levitskiĭ A.P., Genesina T.I., Konovets V.M.
Role of salivary ribonuclease in pathogenesis of periodontosis
791-795 Geitman I.Ia., Didkovskii N.A., Iakh'iaev V.D., Kivman G.Ia.
Effect of proteolytic enzymes on the antitrypsin activity of blood serum in the postoperative period
795-798 Klimenko A.I., Simirenko L.L.
Effect of insulin of acetylation of histones and non-histone proteins in the cell nuclei of the liver of albine rats of different age
798-804 Gobeev V.N., Khripach L.V.
Subcellular distribution of hexokinase in hepatoma and its electrophoretic properties
804-808 Khramov V.A.
Inhibition of bacterial agmatinase by substrate analogs
808-812 Parfenova N.S., Shanygina K.I.
Nature of changes in the activity of certain enzymes of energy metabolism in the liver after partial sympathectomy
812-815 Fomina M.P.
Effect of insulin of dehydrogenases of pentosephosphate pathway and content of free fatty acids in rat kidney
815-819 Kitavtsev B.A., Shishkin S.S.
Degradation of polysomes of skeletal muscles of rats during preservation in solutions with different pH
819-825 Nikitina Z.K., Shishkin S.S., Debov S.S.
Degradation of transfer RNA from skeletal muscles of rats during autolysis
826-830 Abakumova O.Yu., Kutsenko N.G.
Activity of protein-synthesizing system and RNA synthesis in the liver and spleen of rats in stress caused by burns
830-834 Zamaraeva T.V., Insarova I.D., Mazurov V.I.
Biosynthesis and properties of collagen forming in the cartilage of chick embryos in the presence of various proline analogs
835-838 Ivanov V.V.
Activation of the rate of enzymatic formation of sulfhydryl groups by serotonin
838-844 Liapkov B.G., Markelova V.F.
Effect of diet with high fat content on lipogenesis in the liver, lipid composition and lipoprotein spectrum of blood
844-848 Dikii V.V., Petkevich A.S., Leont'eva N.A., Galegov G.A.
Effect of rimantadine on the synthesis of virus-specific RNA in the culture of cells infected with Sindbis virus
848-851 Kiselev G.V., Pavlinova L.I.
Determination of total and inorganic phosphorus in the presence of organic phosphoric acid esters and proteins
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