1979, Volume 25, Issue 5
515-520 Kamysheva A.S., Pigareva Z.D.
Mitochondrial energy processes of the visual system in the rabbit brain normally and under conditions of light deprivation
520-524 Sevostianov A.N.
Effect of deficient and excess thiamine on the lipid makeup of the rat liver plasma membranes
524-527 Gazdarov A.K., Gazdarova I.N.
Polarographic determination of lipid hydroperoxides in the liver of guinea pigs on a varying allowance of ascorbic acid
528-529 Daskalov D.P., Gavazova I.G.
Comparative electrophoretic analysis of plasma histonelike proteins and other basic proteins in rats with fibrosarcoma
530-533 Agaev T.M., Pigareva Z.D.
Effect of early visual deprivation on glutamate decarboxylase activity in the visual analyzer of the brain
534-537 Zorkina T.A.
Tissue respiratory enzymes in the rat liver in acute blood loss
537-540 Kolesova G.M., Zakharova I.A., Raĭkhman L.M., Moshkovskij I.Kh.
Effect of platinum and palladium compounds on mitochondrial enzymatic systems
540-543 Gurkalo V.K., Tretyakov A.V.
Effect of chemical hepatic carcinogens and noradrenaline on the nucleoside phosphokinase activity of liver cells
544-548 Zubairov D.M., Popova L.G., Krinskaia A.V., Egorova T.P., Fedorova N.V., Zinkevich O.D.
Mechanism of the effect of immobilized noradrenaline on the contact phase of blood coagulation
548-554 Apukhovskaya L.I., Ivashkevich S.P., Vendt V.P.
Effect of sterols on the properties of erythrocyte membranes in experimental rickets
554-560 Taran T.T., Gulyĭ M.F., Brusko A.T., Fanak N.M., Dvornikova P.D.
Effect of carbostimulin and its mixture with vitamin D3 on the mineralization process of the bone callus in rabbits
568-573 Klimenko A.I., Malyshev A.B., Shevtsova M.Ya.
Effect of thyroxine on the protein makeup of condensed and diffuse chromatin from the liver of rats of different ages
573-578 Drobkova I.P.
Lipid content in the blood serum of children and adolescents
579-582 Surinov B.P., Karpova N.A., Rumiantseva I.A.
Multiple forms of the esterases of carboxylic acid esters in myocardial infarct
582-584 Blokh K.O., Likhoded V.S., Khipko S.E., Nagulin I.A., Fedorova L.I.
RNA and nuclear protein synthesis in regenerating and uninjured rabbit tissues
585-587 Tets V.V.
Purine and pyrimidine bases entering the composition of DNA and RNA studied by gas-liquid chromatography
588-599 Paskhina T.S., Poliantseva A.R., Egorova T.P., Krinskaia A.V., Nartikova V.F.
Kinin system components, free kinins and proteinase inhibitors in the edematous fluids of nephrotic syndrome patients
599-603 Levchenko L.I., Promyslov M.Sh.
Serotonin metabolism in the tissue of glial brain tumors
604-607 Morenkova S.A., Karelin A.A.
Insulin metabolism and its interaction with specific cytoplasmic membrane receptors of the liver in alloxan diabetes in rats
607-611 Treshchenkova I.A.
Change in aldolase activity in the organs of mice in the process of hepatoma 22a development
611-617 Siatkin S.P., Berezov T.T.
Polyamine oxidative deamination in hepatomas with varying growth rates
617-622 Deev A.I., Biketova D.Kh., Spirichev V.B., Blazheevich N.V.
Comparative study of the hemolytic action of group D vitamins
622-626 Turova N.F., Baryshnikov V.A.
Change in the free amino acid concentration of the developing brain under the influence of antenatal hypoxia
626-632 Brusova E.G., Krivchenkova R.S., Gorkin V.Z.
Isolation, purification and the physicochemical properties of the monoamine oxidase from the myocardium
633-635 Bos S.S., Kostryrko V.A., Berezov T.T.
Topography, physicochemical and kinetic properties of the branched amino acid transaminases of the gastric and pancreatic mucosa
636-642 Pomojnetskij V.D., Nekrasova A.A., Kosykh V.A., Gazarian G.A.
New aspects in the development and standardization of a method for determining prostaglandins in biological fluids and tissues
In memoriam N. P. Meshkova
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