1967, Volume 13, Issue 6
563-573 Grozdova M.D.
Some peculiarities in the metabolism of heart muscles
573-578 Teras L.E.
The effect of bioflavnoids on the oxidative phosphorylation in rat liver mitochondria
578-584 Mishurov E.A., Derviz G.V.
Effect of structure and state of erythrocytes on the affinity of blood for oxygen
584-587 Pruss G.M., Novitskiĭ N.S.
Protein metabolism in the intact myocardium in myocardial infarction
588-591 Chetverikova E.K., Mozgovaia I.A., Shcherbak I.G.
The effect of hypoxia and of diphazine on the acetone bodies content, the intensity of acetylation and the tissue activity of hexokinase
591-597 Elkina N.I., Libinzon R.E.
Activity of alkaline and acid phosphatases in the bone tissue of rabbits affected with plutonium-239
598-600 Chertkova M.A.
Content of nucleic acids and transmainase activity in the liver and lungs of guinea pigs following administration of streptomycin, phthivazid and glutamic acid
601-603 Shchipitsyna L.P.
Mitochondrial ATP-ase activity and respiration in conditions of D2-vitamin toxicity
603-605 Zaikina N.A., Elinov N.P.
On the mechanism of action of plasmocoagulase in some micro-organisma
605-611 Khaĭkina B.I., Iakushko V.E.
Glycolysis and its regulation with individual neve cell components at rest and during excitation
611-615 Kharakter Z.Z.
Metabolism of carbohydrates and phosphates in the liver and lungs of animals treated with tuberculostatic drugs
615-617 Pelishenko I.A.
The motion of isolated mitochondria: its characteristics and resistance to irradiation of the body by lethal doses of ionizing radiation
617-623 Rybina A.A., Shmat'ko T.M.
Some peculiarities in the accumulation of thiamine and its phosphates in the erythrocytes of rats
623-626 Asriian I.S.
Activity of glucose-6-phosphate-dehydrogenase in some forms of hemolytic anemia
627-633 Gorodetskiĭ V.K.
Paper chromatography application to determination of various blood sugars
633-639 Mir'em A.M., Perevoshchikova K.A., Belousov A.P.
Fractionation of tumor and liver RNA on methylated albumin colums
640-642 Petrova E.A.
On the spectrophotometric dtermination of vitamin A in blood and liver
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