1980, Volume 26, Issue 6
723-726 Annenkov G.A., Safronova E.E., Gubernieva L.M., Volkova N.M.
Detection of phenylalanine hydroxylase activity in human leukocytes and fibroblasts
727-730 Lemondzhava N.I., Trufanov A.V.
Serum creatine phosphokinase, GOT, and GPT activity in different types of infectious diseases in monkeys
731-735 Dzheia P.P., Toleikis A.I., Prashkiavichius A.K.
Effect of experimental myocardial infarct on the rate of NADH and 3-hydroxybutyrate oxidation in heart mitochondria
735-738 Slobodskaia V.V., Titov A.V., Tereshin I.M.
Experimental hypocholesterolemic effect of cholesterol oxidase
739-742 Taganovich A.D.
Changes in ATPase activity and nonesterified fatty acid concentration in heart and liver mitochondria in experimental mitral valve insufficiency
742-746 Gudim V.I., Sigalla P.P., Ivanova V.S., Oldag K.K.
Concentration of middle-sized molecules in the blood of children with chronic renal failure during treatment with short-term hemodialysis
746-750 Veksler I.I., Magamedova K.M., Lugovets V.M.
Brain and spinal cord nitrogen metabolism in chronic alcoholism following strenuous physical exertion
750-752 Kovalenko A.F., Levitskiĭ A.P.
Effect of the kallikrein-like enzyme salivain on the course of experimental acute parotitis
752-755 Risin S.A., Penkratova N.N.
Effect of unfractionated histones on isolated mouse liver lysosomes
755-759 Maliuk V.I., Skul'bashevskii L.Z., Maksimova A.V.
Dynamics of the fatty acid composition of guinea pig liver and lung mitochondrial lipids in experimental tuberculosis
759-763 Fedurov V.V.
Activation of 14C-n-hydroxybenzoate and 2-14C-mevalonate incorporation into ubiquinone in regenerating rat liver
763-767 Mishchenko V.P., Gol'denberg Iu.M., Novosel'tseva T.V.
Effect of the antioxidant ionol on blood coagulation and fibrinolysis
767-770 Iusipova N.A., Goncharik L.A., Balakleevskiĭ A.I., Surikov P.M., Bezkrovnaia V.G.
Cyclic 3',5'-adenosine monophosphate in the liver of rats with experimental rheumatoid arthritis
770-774 Zaidenberg M.A., Korotkina R.N., Nosova I.M., Dudnikova G.N., Pisarzhevskii S.A.
Effect of cGMP administration on certain metabolic processes in rat wound tissues
774-776 Sidorenkov I.V., Dneprovskaia O.A.
Effect of whole-body vibration on glucose concentration and gluconeogenesis enzyme activity in the blood and tissues of rabbits with experimental hypercholesterolemia
776-778 Tolstykh L.P.
Indices of components of the kallikrein-kinin system of the blood of healthy full-term and premature infants during the first 3 months of life
778-781 Esyrev O.V., Danilenko M.P.
Sensitivity of brain Na, K-ATPase to acetylcholine following heat treatment of membrane preparations
786-789 Potapenko R.I.
Age and seasonal characteristics of Na, K- and Mg-ATPase activities in different brain structures
789-792 Khomulo P.S., Kadushkina N.N., Zharova I.P., Orletskaia I.Yu.
Effect of physical activity on the state of the kinin system and atherogenesis
793-799 Aprosin I.D., Alekseeva V.K., Afonin N.I.
Kinetics of oxygen saturation of fluorocarbon emulsions
800-802 Loginov A.S., Privalenko M.N., Belokopytova M.V.
Liver and serum N-acetyl-beta-D-glucosaminidase isoenzymes of normal rats and rats with acute carbon tetrachloride poisoning
802-808 Abdullaev R.A., Emirbekov E.Z.
Free amino acid concentration in the brain during hypothermia and at different times following the hypothermic period
808-813 Nikul'cheva N.G., Soliternova I.B., Krivoruchenko I.V.
Lipoprotein lipase activity of ischemic heart disease patients with different types of hyperlipoproteinemia on the basis of fat loading
813-817 Chesnokova N.P., Alaeva I.V.
Effect of botulinum toxin on catecholamine concentration in different types of skeletal muscle
817-823 Pleskov V.M., Nikul'cheva N.G., Konovalov G.V.
Blood lipids and lipoproteins in rabbits with experimental allergic polyneuritis
823-826 Morozov I.A., Spirichev V.B., Fernandes R.R., Blazhevich N.V.
Duodenal enterocyte ultrastructure of rats fed different amounts of vitamin D
827-832 Meerson F.Z., Pavlova V.I., Korobejnikova E.N.
Prevention of stress damage to the body by antioxidants and the beta-blocker Inderal
832-837 Iarovaia G.A., Dotsenko V.L., Agapova E.I., Stepanian E.P.
Effectiveness of commercial polyvalent proteinase inhibitors. Comparative analysis of their effect on kallikreins from different sources and trypsin
837-843 Iarovaia G.A., Dotsenko V.L., Agapova E.I., Nezhludko A.Ya., Stepanian E.P.
Effectiveness of commercial polyvalent proteinase inhibitors. Use of gordox in vascular surgery
843-846 Berezin I.V., Lopukhin I.M., Andrianov I.P., Lapuk I.I., Alekseeva L.B.
Elimination of cholesterol by affinity chromatography
847-851 Levitskiĭ A.P., Kovalenko A.F.
Effect of a number of enzyme preparations on the course of experimental parotitis
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