1975, Volume 21, Issue 2
115-125 Poznanskaia A.A., Iakovlev V.A.
Monovalent cations and enzymes and the rise of bioinorganic chemistry
125-128 Brestkin A.P., Maizel' E.B.
Determination of the rate constants for the interaction of enzymes with substrates and inhibitors during a short incubation time
128-131 Dubinina E.E.
Effect of heparin on the Mg++-ATPase of the muscle mitochondria of adult and young rabbits
131-133 Romanovich E.A., Basieva F.I.
Effect of a malic acid load on the blood and urine content in animals of the products of a malate dehydrogenase reaction and the correlation of reduced and oxidized forms of ascorbic acid
133-137 Gaevskaia M.S., Kolganova N.S.
Overall activity and isoenzymatic spectrum of liver lactate dehydrogenase in hypobiotic rats
137-142 Shishkin S.S., Kitavtsev B.A., Debov S.S.
Isolation and some properties of rat skeletal muscle polysomes
143-147 Dolgikh M.S., Blagoveshchenskiĭ V.A.
Ornithine transcarbamylase in Clostridium perfingens
147-150 Ermolaev M.V., Khovanskaia T.P.
Serotonin metabolism in acute renal ischemia in rabbits
150-154 Bragin E.O., Sorokovoĭ V.I., Kogan E.M., Vladimirov I.A.
Role of calcium ions in anoxic impairment of oxidative phosphorylation in the mitochondria
154-158 Ratnikov V.I.
Characteristics of the energy metabolism in the kidneys in analgesic nephropathy
158-161 Trubetskoĭ A.V., Lysenko L.T.
Changes in the glycogen content of the dog myocardium at various phases of the cardiac cycle with a normal coronary blood flow
162-165 Chibisov I.V., Leont'ev A.F., Rozenfel'd E.L.
Study of glycogen metabolism in the liver in type III glycogenosis (limit dextrinosis)
165-168 Kudriashov B.A., Liapina L.A.
Heparin-urea complex and its physicochemical properties
168-172 Moiseeva M.V., Meshkova N.P.
Study of some properties of rat myocardial pyruvate kinase in adrenaline myocarditis
172-176 Chesnokov V.N., Gordienko O.E., Mertvetsov N.P.
Effect of L-thyroxine on the activity and isoenzymatic spectrum of liver hexokinase in intact and insulin-resistant rats
176-180 Galfaian V.T., Zakharian R.A., Vaniushin B.F., Galoian A.A.
Effect of dexamethasone and arecoline on the 5-methylcytosine and pyrimidine blocks in the DNA of certain sections of the brain, the liver and the spleen of rats
180-189 Votrin I.I., Debov S.S., Roslyĭ I.M., Khasigov P.Z.
Isolation and properties of cytoplasmic 21S and 7.5S RNP-particles from rat M-1 sarcoma cells
189-192 Klimov A.N., Vasil'eva L.E., Petrova L.A., Poliakova E.D., Riazanova T.V.
Effect of 2-phenyl-3-methyl-3-hydroxypentanoic and 2,3-diphenyl-3-hydroxypentanoic acids on the lipolytic activity of rat adipose tissue
192-195 Vornovitskaia G.I., Ioannesiants I.A., Borzenko B.G., Shapot V.S.
Action of deoxyadenosine on nucleic acid synthesis by tumor cells in the presence of a deaminase inhibitor
195-200 Kil'dema L.A.
Liver hexokinase isoenzymes in carcinogenesis
200-203 Bicheĭkina N.I., Romantsev E.F.
Acid phosphatase activity in the organs and tissues of rats after the administration of beta-mercaptopropylamine
204-207 Mikhailov V.I., Gorodetskii V.K., Rozenfel'd E.L.
Glucofructoside synthesis by human and animal kidney extracts
207-211 Pekkel' V.A., Akopian Zh.I.
Potentiometric method of determining adenylate deaminase activity
211-214 Zhivotova N.I., Filippovich I.V., Romantsev E.F.
Preparative method of obtaining the C14-substrates necessary for the study of cyclic 3',5'-AMP metabolism
V. N. Orekhovich (on his 70th birthday)
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