1965, Volume 11, Issue 4
3-18 Samoĭlov P.M.
Mechanism of physiologic and toxic effect of thyroid hormones on cell energy
18-24 Elinov N.P., Vitovskaia G.A.
Investigation of antigenic preparations from yeast-like fungi
24-27 Maianskiĭ D.N.
Changes in anticoagulant properties of the blood following autosensitization
28-34 Savitskiĭ I.V., Totskiĭ V.N.
Effect of embitol and sarcolysine on the content of readily hydrolyzable of ATP and ADP phosphate in organs and tissues of rats
34-38 Stefani D.V., Kul'berg A.Ia., Shakhanina K.L.
On the immunochemical structure of antitoxic horse beta-2A-globulin
38-41 Kalistratov G.V., Romantsev E.F.
On the nature of bonds between beta-mercaptopropylamine and proteins of liver nuclei
41-44 Priev I.G., Babaev S.B.
On hypercupraemia in anemic states
44-48 Panchenko L.F.
Oxidative phosphorylation in brain mitochondria in traumatic shock
48-55 Sorkina D.A., Troitskiĭ G.V.
Evaluation of changes in the blood serum in aseptic inflammation by means of free electrophoresis and separation on DEAE-Sephadex
55-60 Sibeleva K.F., Zenkevich G.D., Laufer A.L.
Mucopolysaccharides and collagen in human kelloids
60-63 Slozhenikina L.V., Popova N.K.
Effect of iprazid on oxidative phosphorylation in experimental myocardial infarction
64-66 Gauze G.G., Loshkareva N.P.
Effect of olivomycin on Ehrlich ascites carcinoma cells
66-71 Nikolaev A.I., Gaziev A.I.
Content and specific radioactivity of different forms of sulfur in tumors and in tissues of rats injected with labelled methionine
72-76 Pokrovskiĭ A.A., Sheĭkman M.B., Pilenitsyna R.A.
Investigation of the activity of lypolytic enzymes in adipose tissue
76-80 Belizhenko V.D.
Nucleic acids, phosphoproteids and phospholipids in experimental atherosclerosis
81-88 Druzhinina K.V.
Chromatographic separation of urinary corticosteroids in thin layer of KSK-2 silica-gel
88-91 Maliuk V.I.
Determination of cytochrome-c-oxidase in mitochondria of animal tissues
91-94 Dubinskiĭ A.A., Kostiuk I.F., Lantodub I.Yu.
Dialysable blood serum fraction reacting with diphenylamine and its clinical significance
95-99 Rezontov V.A.
Spectrophotometric determination of the difference in concentration of oxygen between arterial and venous blood
99-102 Vinogradov A.D., Evtodienko I.V.
Simple design of differential spectrophotometer
103-105 Cherniak N.B., Isaakian A.I., Totskaia A.A., Lorie I.I.
Biochemical and morphological patterns of blood platelets in Glanzman-Naegeli disease
105-107 Kochetov G.A., Prozorovskiĭ V.N.
Specific changes in the transketolase activity at various temperatures
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