1967, Volume 13, Issue 4
339-343 Iakovlev N.N.
Pangami acid (vitamin B-15) as a factor of adaptation to intensive muscle activity
343-349 Pogorelov M.E., Zmyzgova A.V.
Antigenic structure of the serum proteins in patients with mechanical icterus of cancerous genesis
349-355 Pogosova A.V., Rapoport E.A.
Effect of ether anesthesia on protein biosynthesis in adult rats and their fetuses
355-359 Bukrinskaia A.G., Burduchea O., Gutel'man A.K.
Additive effect of actinomycin-D and histones on the synthesis of cellular RNA
359-364 Grebennik L.I.
A comparative study of isonicotinic acid hydrazide and hydrazine metabolism in the organism of some animals
364-369 Savitskii I.V., Tsybul'skii V.V.
Changes in the activity of some aminotransferases in rabbits under combined action of x-rays and embitol
369-377 Perova S.D., Abelev G.I.
Embryonal antigens in rat serum
378-383 Abelev G.I., Bakirov R.D.
In vitro synthesis of serum embryonic antigens by the liver
383-387 Ostrovskiĭ I.M.
Some features peculiar to thiamine metabolism in hypertension
388-391 Korshunova T.S.
The adenylic system during hepato-cerebral dystrophy
391-398 Zhakhova Z.N.
Proteins of the myocardium and of the skeletal muscles of rabbit fetuses in pathogenic actions on the female in the early periods of pregnancy
398-404 Moskvicheva I.V., Pirogov V.S., Shapiro N.I.
Changes in the ultraviolet spectra of some amino acids, peptides and proteins under the action of formaldehyde
404-408 Leĭtes S.M., Nikiforova N.V.
Lipolytic activity of kidney tissue in experimental nephrotic syndrome
408-412 Solov'eva T.A., Ginodman L.M., Nesterova A.P., Orekhovich V.N., Savoshchenko I.S.
Pepsin and gastricsin secretion in the course of digestion in peptic ulcer and in health
413-417 Gorkin V.Z., Kitrosskiĭ N.A., Kiashtorin L.B., Gridneva L.I., Sukasian R.S., Portnova S.L., Kudrin A.N., Kapitonov N.I., Levina R.Ya., Bolesov I.G.
On the effect of some hydrazine and non-hydrazine derivatives on the activity of mitochondrial monoamine oxidase
418-421 Ivanova-Smolenskaia I.A.
Some peculiarities atteding the metabolism of beta-aminoisobutyric acid in hepato-cerebral dystrophy
422-424 Vladimirtseva E.A., Kazhuro M.V., Bukrinskaia A.G.
Isolation of viral RNA from infected cells by thermal fractionation
424-427 Enikeeva U.S., Khavkin I.A., Minaeva R.A.
Fractionation of immunoglobylins in the preparation of placental gamma globulin
428-430 Gorkin V.Z., Krivchenkova R.S.
On the biological role of mitochondrial monoaminoxidase
430-432 Pravdina N.F., Karapetian D.K., Galegov G.A.
Synthesis of uridine-5'-phosphoric acid in some tissues of chick embryo and chicks during the first days of life
432-433 Ol'shanetskaia A.D., Novikova M.A.
The effect of cortisone on the activity of thymidine- and thymidylate-kinases isolated from regenerating rat liver
434-436 Piker E.G., Likhtenshteĭn A.V., Shapot V.S.
Fractionation of nuclear RNA of animal tissues on methylated albumin with salt and temperature gradient
437-439 Skliarov Ia.P., Kotul'skii I.V.
Usefulness of polarographic method, modified by A. F. Maslova for quantitative determination of acetylcholine in biological material
Mikhail Iosifovich Ravich-Shcherbo
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