1968, Volume 14, Issue 6
356-372 Kononiachenko V.A., Gerasimova E.N.
Hypertension and heredity in the light of current research on cellular metabolism
572-577 Kalinovskiĭ V.P.
Gastric juice proteins in patients with cancer and other stomach diseases
577-580 Kliachko V.R., Stoilov L.D., Shapiro G.A.
Serotonin metabolism disorders during early myxedema
580-584 Dubrovskaia I.I., Kurdina D.S.
Composition and toxic properties of an antigen isolated from Brucella by means of water-ether extraction
584-587 Babarin P.M.
Changes in cholesterol, phospholipid, triglyceride and ketone body content in the blood of the patients with atherosclerosis, after physical training
587-593 Malov G.A., Alekseeva L.M.
Contractile and sarcoplasmic proteins of rabbit heart muscle during experimental injury and effect of a complex of natural compounds
593-598 Shvets N.A., Khvatova E.M.
Oxidative phosphorylation in the brain and liver of warm-blooded animals during hypothermy and the initial period of self-warming
599-601 Ravich-Shcherbo M.I., Zolotnikova G.P.
On the antibody synthesizing activity of the liver
601-606 Kharakter Z.Z.
Effect of tuberculostatic preparations on carbohydrate-phosphorus metabolism in the liver and lungs of animals with tuberculosis
606-611 Sergeev A.V.
Comparative study of the characteristics and activity of tetrahydrofolate dehydrogenases of rat liver and spleen in leukemias of viral etiology
611-616 Blinov M.N.
The metabolic heterogeneity of human leukocyte RNA
616-619 Shapot V.S., Vornovitskaia G.I.
On the possible conversion of 5'-hydroxymethlcytosine into cytosine in tumor cells
619-622 Promyslov M.Kh., Solov'eva T.V., Aniskina R.I.
Characteristics of the metabolism of gamma-aminobutyric acid in brain tumors
622-627 Severin S.E., Tseĭtlin L.A., Boĭko S.S.
Thiamine content and activity of thiaminediphosphate-containing enzymes in adrenaline-induced myocarditis
628-631 Khodorovskaia E.D., Akopian Z.I.
Changes in phenylalanine hydroxylase activity in albino rat liver during the postnatal period
632-635 Shemanova G.F., Vlasova E.V., Shamraeva S.A.
Obtaining highly purified preparations of Cl. histolyticum lethal factor
635-640 Krel' A.A., Furtseva L.N.
Methods of determining hydroxyproline in biological fluids and their use in clinical practice
640-642 Baranovskaia N.I., Basargin N.N., Shlygin G.K.
A method of determining leucine aminopeptidase in intestinal juice and intestinal contents
Iuliia Markovna Gefter
I.V. Sidorenkov (on his 60th birthday)
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