1975, Volume 21, Issue 5
451-461 Veltischev Y.E., Yurieva E.A., Arkhipove S.G., Kabachnik M.I., Medved T.Y.
Clinical study and therapeutic use of phosphonic compounds
461-469 Dokusova O.K.
Conversion of cholesterol into bile acids and regulation of this process
469-476 Kuz'mak N.I.
The effect of thyroid hormones on the content of glycoprotein fractions and their carbohydrate-containing components in rat blood serum
476-480 Gil'miyairova F.N., Radomskaya V.M.
The function of shuttle systems of liver extramitochondrial hydrogen transport in experimental atherosclerosis
481-485 Knyazeva T.A., Malyugin E.F., Zarinskaya S.A., Archakov A.I.
Solubilization of cytochrome c in ischemic liver tissue
485-489 Arkhipova O.P.
Effect of tuberculosis infection and antibacterial preparations on thiamine metabolism
489-491 Domansky V.Y., Belchenko D.I.
The activity and isoenzyme spectrum of esterases in erythroid and myeloid cells of rabbit bone marrow
492-494 Ivaschenko A.T., Ryskulova S.T.
Bicarbonate-stimulated ATP-ase from membranes of rat erythrocytes
494-497 Muzhichenko A.V.
The effect of lipids from typhoid endotoxin on the activity of some liver enzymes
497-503 Totsky V.N.
Penetration of 35S-lipoate into cells of animals subjected to overloading with the lipoate
503-507 Drevich V.F., Salganik R.I.
The specificity of galactokinase induction in rat liver tissue under the effect of galactose
507-511 Surinov B.P., Vakulenko A.D.
The study of isoenzymes of esterase, lactate dehydrogenase and alkaline phosphatase from blood serum in lymphogranulomatous process of liver tissue
511-518 Garishvili T.G., Krivchenkova R.S., Gorkin V.Z.
Deamination of nitrogenous compounds in mitochondrial membranes under stimulation of lipid peroxidation
518-523 Sergeev P.V., Chernobrovkina T.V., Pospelova L.N., Chistyakov V.V.
Changes in oxidative systems of liver microsomes in rats following a single administration of phenobarbital and morphine
523-526 Sutkovoy D.A.
The role of insulin in the normalization of impairments caused by hydrocortisone in energy metabolism of liver and spleen mitochondria
526-531 Klimov A.N., Petrova-Maslakova L.G., Nagornev V.A., Magracheva Y.Y.
Isolation and identification of autoimmune lipoprotein-antibody complex from blood serum of rabbits with experimental atherosclerosis
531-538 Kudrjashov B.A., Bloshansky U.M., Polol'skaya O.V., Lyapina L.A., Kaverina K.P., Spoludennaya S.T.
Complex compounds of heparin in obstetric hemorrhages
538-542 Levitsky A.P., Grabazyuk -
Activity of proteolytic enzymes and trypsin inhibitor in blood serum and kidney in pyelonephritis
542-548 Rusinova G.G., Rogacheva S.A.
Preparation of labelled DNA from animal tissues
548-552 Buka M.R., Zhagat R.A., Kirstukas I.P., Chepuka L.Y.
Determination of the transferase activity of L-asparaginase
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