1968, Volume 14, Issue 5
467-472 Ostrovskii Iu.M., Berezovskii V.M., Razumovich A.N., Lukashik N.K., Balakleevskii A.I., Mazhul' A.G., Koltunova V.I., Galitsii E.A.
Some peculiarities in the metabolic activity of thiamine monophosphate
472-475 Smirnova E.V., Voronova L.A., Parshin A.N.
Myofibrillar proteins of musclar neoplasms
475-480 Poliak R.Ya., Movsesian E.A., Dubrovina T.Ya.
The nature of macrophagic cell resistance to infection by viral nucleic acids
480-483 Gershenovich Z.S., Lukash A.I., Agafonova I.M., Lomova L.V.
Changes in the urea water-soluble protein content in the brain of rats after urea administration
483-488 Cherniak N.B., Asriian I.S.
Estimation of biochemically different erythrocyte populations during hemolytic anaemia (Markiafava-Mikeli disease)
489-496 Tarasova L.S., Troitskiĭ G.V.
Effect of aldehydes and hydroquinone on blood proteins and on the development of alimentary hypercholesterolemia and atherosclerosis
496-502 Karpacheva V.A.
Isolation of 'metabolite-A' from the cattle blood. Its purification and determination of A-vitamin activity
503-505 Kuznik B.I., Kalikhman I.L.
On the nature orf blood coagulation factors in the human urine
506-510 Tishenina R.S., Kniazeva A.P.
Combined action of sexual hormones and aurantin in large and small doses of the nucleic acid biosynthesis in rat liver
510-513 Lukashevich E.F.
Cathepsin activity in muscles of dogs after autotransplantation of the limbs
513-520 Sytinskiĭ I.A., Ture M.M., Bari M.S., Sabri I.I., Traore A.A., Sytinskaia T.V., Rozhka T.T., Soldatenkov A.T., Vu-Van-Dinh -
Paper electrophoresis of serum proteins and lipoproteins of patients with tropical diseases
520-524 Zubairov D.M., Popova L.G.
Effect of catecholamines on arginine aminopeptidase activity of the enzymes characteristic for the contact phase during blood coagulation
524-527 Kaverzneva E.D., Kaĭgorodova L.N., Cherniak V.Ya.
Effect of blocking of some functional groups in cryogelmacroglobulin on its properties
527-533 Korotkina R.N., Nikulin V.I., Konikova A.S.
Synthesis of tissue-proteins in hepat ectomized rabbits
533-538 Zubovskaia A.M., Stepanian N.O., Severin S.E.
Cordiamin effect on the respiration and oxidative phosphorylation in the heart tissue of rabbits
538-540 Gorkin V.Z., Akopian Z.I., Goncharenko E.N., Kudriashov I.B.
On the possibility of "transplantation " of mitochondrial monoamine oxidase into a diamine oxidase-like enzyme in vivi
540-543 Zamaraeva T.V., Galitsina I.Z., Mazurov V.I.
Effect of axetidine-2-carboxylic acid on proline-containing protein synthesis in ossificated tissue of chick embryo
544-546 Loginov A.A., Gurin V.N., Tret'iakovich A.G.
On the existence and metabolism of dihydroxyascorbic (DHA) and diketogulonic (DKG) acids in animal tissue
547-549 Iurkov I.A.
A simple method for quantitative isoenzyme determination using a photocolorimeter
549-552 Kozel'tsev V.L., Debov S.S., Votrin I.I., Eremenko V.V.
Microbiological method of synthesis of P32-labelled adenine nucleotides
553-555 Pokrovskii A.A., Tutel'ian V.A., Gapparov M.M.
On the adaptive changes in enzymatic constellations of lysosomes and mitochondria
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