1969, Volume 15, Issue 5
451-456 Neifakh E.A.
Kinetic method of study of oxidative interaction of unsaturated fatty acids and vitamin E
456-458 Korot'ko G.F., Sukhoterina L.A.
Secretion of pepsin and gastrin gastric glands
459-462 Veksler I.I., Atabegova N.G.
Effect of parenteral administration of urea on nitrogen metabolism of the brain during general hypothermia in animals
462-464 Strekalov A.A., Novoseletskii A.G.
Behavior of hemoglobin octamer in linear mice in electrophoresis
465-467 Fitsner A.B.
Biosynthesis of orotic acid in liver of rats under the effect of barbiturates
467-471 Grekova N.I.
Activity of hexokinase of the adrenal cortex in rabbits under normal conditions and after administration of hydrocortisone
471-476 Triufanov V.F.
Effect of fasting and hydrocortisone on gluconeogenesis and oxygen consumption by slices of the cortical layer of rat kidneys
476-482 Naroditskii B.S., Tukhonenko T.I., Klimenko S.M.
Biochemical characteristics of bacteriophage SW
483-486 Kudriashov B.A., Molchanova L.V., Kalishevskaia T.M., Bazaz'ian G.G., Pastorova V.E., Sytina N.P.
Functional state of the anticoagulation system during intravenous administration of fibrin monomer
486-494 Kudriashov B.A., Kalishevskaia T.M., Baskova I.P., Strukova S.M., Kovaleva T.N.
Significance of factor XII (Hagemann's) in activation of the blood anticoagulation system
494-500 Panchenko L.F., Archakov A.I., Aleksandrova T.A.
Study of peroxidation of unsaturated fatty acids of lipids in rat liver microsomes
501-505 Fetisova T.V.
Proteins of parenchymatous organs and skeletal muscles in experimental myocardial infarct
506-512 Zhelezovskaia I.B.
Concentration of vitamin A in blood and its relation to the content of proteins, cholesterin and beta-lipoproteids in the blood of patients with atherosclerosis
512-517 Shamraĭ E.F., Selezneva A.K.
Effect of galascorbin and pangamic acid on activity of oxidative enzymes of liver mitochondria of rats in experimental toxic hepatitis
517-521 Titov A.V., Golubentsev D.A., Mordukhovich V.V.
Relation of free and bound forms of sulfur-containing protectors in blood and tissues
521-524 Muzyka V.I.
Permeability of hemato-encephalic barrier and of membranes of erythrocytes for delta-aminolevulinic acid and protoporphyrin at norm and under effect of benzol
525-532 Kil'dema L.A., Teras L.E.
Activity of hexokinases at different stages of malignant degeneration of the liver
532-535 Ashmarin I.P., Abenirova E.L.
Effect of histones, protamine and actinomycin D and synthesis of brain RNA
535-538 Dement'eva T.A., Dokshina G.A., Pegel' V.A.
Effect of high energy radiation on the activity of cytochrome oxidase and succinate dehydrogenase in liver mitochondria and heart muscle of rats
539-541 Galegov G.A., Berezina O.N., Peterson O.P.
Effect of 6-azauridine on some processes induced by vaccinia virus in tissue culture
541-545 Onil Perera, Tikhonenko T.I.
Phage DNA injection into bacterial cells
545-548 Khalmuradov A.G., Shushevich S.I., Mironova V.N.
Mechanism of action of chloramphenicol on the content of pyridine co-enzymes in rat liver
549-553 Shemanova G.F., Bychenko B.D., Gorshkova V.I., Vlasova E.V.
Determination of lecithinase activity in Clostridium perfringens by its action upon liver lysosomes in rats
553-557 Tamm A.O.
Colorimetric determination of volatile phenols in urine
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