1967, Volume 13, Issue 2
115-120 Ermolaeva N.V.
Characteristics of DNA accumulated in appendix tissue of rabbits after irradiation
120-124 Belousov A.P., Mant'ev V.A.
Soluble proteins of the cell nucleus of normal human lung and in homologous malignant neoplasms
130-132 Zaikina N.A.
On the chemical nature of plasmocoagulase from yeast-like fungi
132-135 Noskin L.A.
Distribution of transaminases and cysteic acid decarboxylase in cellular structures of rat liver
136-139 Shushevich S.I., Khalmuradov A.G., Shestopalova V.M.
Effect of orotic acid on pyridine coenzyme levels in rat liver tissue
139-141 Mkrtumova N.A., Simeonov L.L., Kasavina B.S.
Determination of thyroglobulin and its use in detecting antithyroglobulin antibodies in thyroid gland diseases
142-145 Greĭser A.E.
Glycoproteins and blood serum proteins in anemia and essential thrombocytopenic purpura
145-149 Berezovskaia N.N.
Studies of the inhibitory action of bioflavonoids and ascorbic acid on hyaluronidase
149-152 Il'in V.S., Bistritskaite D..
The activity of glucose-6-phosphatase in the liver and kidney of hypophysectomized rats and induction of its synthesis after administration of ACTH and hydrocortisone
152-157 Markov K.M., Markova M.N.
Changes in protein fraction levels and precipitin titer of the blood in experimental serum disease
157-160 Shnaĭdman I.M., Dzhangozina D.M.
Mucopolysaccharides in rat lungs in experimental silicosis
161-165 Bogatskaia L.N., Verzhikovskaia N.V.
Comparative characteristics of age peculiarities of oxidative phosphorylation in heart muscle and the liver in experimental hyperthyroidism
165-168 Mardashev S.R., Karelin A.A.
Studies of transamidinase activity in the urine of rats with aminonucleoside nephrosis
168-175 Dubrovskaia I.I.
Genetic changes in the composition of Brucella variant with persistently attenuated virulence
176-180 Iarovaia L.M., Mardashev S.R., Debov S.S.
The effect of several glutamine antimetabolites on guaninemonophosphate synthetase of E. coli
180-182 Sokolovskiĭ V.V., Androsov N.S.
On the problem of the inactivation of phosphopyruvate hydratase by sodium fluoride
182-187 Telepneva V.I., Isaeva I.V.
Effect of nicotinamide on NAD levels and enzyme disintegration in the skeletal muscles of rabbits in normal conditions and after denervation
187-194 Kashkin K.P.
Comparative immunochemical analysis of serum and cytoplasm proteins and cytoplasmic granules of liver cells
194-196 Semina L.A., Sokhina A.M.
Tryptophan and cystine content in bacterial histidine decarboxylase
197-200 Mashkov B.A., Dmitrieva L.V.
An improved method for determining copper in blood serum, erythrocytes and whole blood
200-203 Osterman L.A., Adler V.V., Bibilashvili R.Kh.
Determination of tritium-labelled ATP by using isotope metabolism in water solutions
203-208 Poverennyĭ A.M., Saenko A.S., Stefani N.V., Saenko N.T.
Immunochemical micromethod for determining polymeric DNA
208-210 Khramov V.A., Koltavskova L.S.
Determination of urea in the blood with p-dimethylaminobenzaldehyde
210-214 Lankin V.Z., Neĭfakh E.A., Norikov I.D.
Quantitative analysis of unsaturated fatty acids on an improved chromatograph
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