1975, Volume 21, Issue 6
563-575 Gerasimova E.N.
Various biochemical aspects in the pathogenesis of atherosclerosis
577-581 Shepotinovsky V.I., Mikashinovich Z.I.
Mechanism of changes in oxidative phosphorylation in the kidney in nephropathy caused by post-transfusion complications
581-586 Alimova M.M., Koroleva T.S., Dumnova A.G.
Effect of ACTH on the excretion of acid glycosaminoglycans in urine and on the content of haptoglobin in blood serum of rats in acute aseptic inflammation
586-589 Miroshnichenko E.N., Zhilskaya Z.Y.
Changes in mechano-chemical properties, ATPase activity and structure of rat liver mitochondria under the effect of sodium fluoride
589-595 Scherbakova I.A., Gerasimova E.N., Perova N.V., Titova V.N., Koldaeva A.P., Galakhova I.E.
Effect of hydrocortisone on lipid composition of blood serum lipoproteins in the development of experimental atherosclerosis
596-600 Frenkel I.D., Zubkova S.M., Proskurova G.I.
Changes in binding of corticosteroids by transcortin in blood and in oxidative processes in rabbit liver mitochondria under the effect of decimeter waves
600-606 Mikhailov V.V., Sokolova N.A.
The role of the nervous system in the mechanism of breakdown of carbohydrate and energy metabolism in muscle tissue under experimental botulism
606-608 Fomina M.P.
Dehydrogenases of the pentose-phosphate pathway of the kidney cortex and medulla in normal and alloxan diabetic rats
609-613 Alexakhina N.B., Goncharova N.Yu.
Subcellular localization, isoenzyme spectrum and properties of hexokinase from sarcoma M-1
613-617 Orlova L.G., Gurevitch E.I.
Impairments of lipid metabolism in liver, kidney and heart tissues of mice infected with Proteus vulgaris
617-622 Lopatina N.I., Geronimus A.L.
Kinetics of human haemoglobin oxidation in normal and pathological states
622-625 Vovchuk S.V., Barabash R.D., Levitsky A.P.
Isolation and properties of 2 kallikreins from human saliva
625-629 Sharkova E.V.
The correlation between activity of enzymes participating in the formation and utilization of acetyl CoA in rabbit heart mitochondria in myocarditis and normal state
629-633 Shafran M.G., Lyslova S.N.
Purification and properties of myeloperoxidase from mice leukocytes
633-637 Movshev B.E., Petrov V.N.
Study of toxin from burned skin
637-644 Kolibaba L.G., Rosenfeld E.L., Wiederschain G.Y.
Alpha-L-fucosidase activity in human blood
645-647 Eremina G.V., Chuvaev A.V., Natanson A.O.
Effect of thyroxine and hydrocortisone on the content of retinol and retinyl palmitate in liver tissue, kidney and blood of rats, loaded with high doses of retinyl acetate
647-652 Rolevich I.V., Balaba T.Y., Briskin A.L., Petruchuk I.V., Novik L.I.
Effect of prolonged administration of thyrocalcitonine on mineralization of regenerating bone after fracture
652-655 Gribanov G.A., Sergeev S.A.
Express microanalysis of total lipids and their fractions in blood serum by micro-thin layer chromatography
655-658 Popov A.V., Kuznetsov A.S., Andreeva L.I.
A method for quantitative isolation of lipoproteins from blood vessel walls in an electric field
658-662 Atanasov N.A.
Determination of the size of protein molecules by means of polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis
663-665 Filippova V.N., Filanovskaya L.I., Blinov M.N.
A modified method for phosphoribosyl pyrophosphate synthesis
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