1970, Volume 16, Issue 5
451-460 Markelova V.F., Liapkov B.G.
Essential fatty acids, their metabolism and interrelationships
460-463 Savitskiĭ I.V., Levitskiĭ A.P., Lozitskiĭ V.P.
Rat liver and blood esterases following roentgen irradiation and administration of thiophosphamide
463-469 Troitskiĭ G.V., Gordeev I.N., Selivanova K.F., Kaminskaia G.A.
Changes in the conformation of albumin and gamma-globulin in rabbits under the influence of thyroid hormone
469-477 Pogodaev K.I., Anan'eva G.V., Sokhieva A.A., Timofeev B.Ia.
Oxidative phosphorylation and the activity of mitochondrial enzymes in different regions of animal brains following repeated electro-convulsive seizures
477-482 Kovalev I.R.
Biochemical changes in erythrocytes in iso- and auto-immune hemolytic anemias
483-486 Prokopenko L.G.
The effect of non-specific serum gamma-globulins on antibody biosynthesis
487-491 Ashmarin I.P., Avenirova E.L., Roringer K.K.
The tolerance of white mice to the basic proteins of cell nuclei when administered intravenously, intraperitoneally and intracerebrally
491-498 Shatinskene R.M., Kolotilova A.I.
The effect of thyroxine on the enzymes of the pentose phosphate shunt of carbohydrate metabolism in the myocardium
498-502 Golenda I.L.
Human lens proteins in senile cataract
503-508 Karagezian K.G., Ovakimian S.S., Mirza-Avakian G.L.
Phospholipids and various blood coagulation problems in experimental thrombosis
509-514 Stekol'nikov L.I., Tepelina O.M., Abdukarimov A.
The interaction between thyrocalcitonin and serum proteins
518-524 Korin M.M., Nedz'ved' G.K., Razumovich A.N.
Changes in the structure and function of brain mitochondria in experimental allergic encephalomyelitis
525-528 Vdovichenko L.M.
The effect of acetylcholine, noradrenaline and serotonin on liver tissue succinate dehydrogenase activity
528-532 Shvedova V.N., Zavadskaia I.S.
The concentration of functional groups in serum and liver proteins of the white rat
533-536 Kiriukhin I.F., Kholchev N.V., Zav'ialov V.P.
The effect of lyophilization on the conformation of human G-globulin
537-543 Geshelin S.A.
Changes in the cation composition of preserved blood during storage and in cation disorders in the blood of the recipient following massive blood transfusion
543-549 Kirzon M.V., Timeĭko V.N., Artiushkova V.A.
Citric acid concentration in different organs of rats with fluoroacetate poisoning
549-552 Belikov P.P.
Fibrinolytic and blood clotting factors in human saliva
553-556 Markelova V.F., Liapkov B.G., Poliakova Z.V.
The effect of qualitatively different carbohydrates on lipid metabolism
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