1968, Volume 14, Issue 2
115-130 Vidershaĭn G.La.
6-Deoxysugars, their properties, distribution and enzymatic conversions in human and animal bodies
130-136 Frunder N.N.
Biochemistry of liver lesions
137-139 Borisov P.I., Zakharova A.V.
Energy-rich phosphate content of muscles of rats during cramps induced by substances with anticholinesterase activity
140-145 Gorodetskiĭ S.I., Sidorova E.V.
Interaction of histones with some serum proteins and cellulose esters
145-150 Shanin S.S., Gostev V.S., Kriger I.A.
Comparative study of the kinetics of immune and nonimmune hemolysis
150-152 Mal'tseva L.F., Brazhnikova I.D., Rudzit E.A.
Excretion of 5-hydroxyindoleacetic acid in the urine of sarcoma-45 bearing rats after administration of serotonin, 5-hydroxytryptophan and tryptophan
152-157 Zubovskaia A.M.
Effect of serotonin on some pathways of oxidative metabolism in the mitochondria of rabbit heart muscle
157-167 Akkerman L.G., Klimov A.N.
Cholesterol metabolism in chylomicrons in experimental hypercholesterolemia
167-169 Akopian Z.I.
On the specificity of tyrosine-ketoglutarate aminotransferase in rat liver
170-175 Bartova L.M., Kul'berg A.Ia.
Antigenic analysis of urinary microglobulins and fragments of gamma globulin of rabbit serum
175-179 Poverennyĭ A.M., Ivashchenko I.A., Stefani D.V.
Blood serum proteins of humans and experimental animals: their interaction with nucleic acids
179-185 Zoleva R.D., Klimov A.N., Remizov A.L.
Effect of acetylmethionine, dimethylaminoethanol and vitamin B 12 on the development of experimental atherosclerosis in rabbits
185-190 Domaradskiĭ I.V., Linnikova L.V., Golubinskiĭ E.P.
Investigation of glycerol metabolism in the plague microorganism
191-196 Tret'iakova K.A.
On the mechanism of intensification of cholesterol biosynthesis after irradiation
197-199 Voskoboĭnikov G.V.
Changes in the adenine nucleotide content of liver and spleen of rats during starvation and painful irritation
200-203 Sidorenkov I.V., Zhdanova Z.M.
Effect of glycerophosphate and iodoacetate on the lipid and phosphatide contents of blood and tissues, and beta-lipoprotein content of the blood
203-205 Grekova N.I.
Effect of hydrocortisol and insulin on hexokinase activity in the liver
205-209 Severin S.E., Mishukova E.A., Abdalla M.O., Tkal' V.V.
On the role of cell structural elements on the glycolytic process in muscle tissue
210-214 Stepanova N.G., Grinio L.P.
Carnosine and anserine content of muscles in the course of progressive muscular dystrophy
216-221 Safronova M.I., Solov'eva G.A., Trandafilova L.L.
Improved method for the preparation of carnosine from meat, and quantitative determination of carnosine by paper chrmatography
221-222 Baev A.A., Nikiforovskaia L.F., Mel'nikova G.I.
Quantitative separation of glucosamine and galactosamine using ion-exchange resin KU-2
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