1966, Volume 12, Issue 6
563-568 Sharoukhova K.S., Murav'eva N.I.
Biosynthesis of estriol
569-574 Uvarova R.N., Ivanov K.K., Stepanova L.K.
Separation of individual antigens from the complex surface antigen of paratyphoid B bacteria
574-577 Shapiro G.A., Burobina S.S., Berezov T.T.
Decarboxylation of 5-hydroxytrptophan in tissues of the adrenal cortex in Itzenko-CUHING DISEASE AND IN TISSUES OF ADRENOCORTICAL TUMORS
578-581 Abbakumova O.N., Rubina K.M.
Separation of protein components of lactate dehydrogenase in normal and pathologic serum by DEAE-Sephadex
581-586 Polianovskiĭ O.L.
Use of high-voltage electrophore sis for the separation of amino acids and peptides
586-591 Romanova I.N., Kuz'mina Z.V.
Effect of salin and sarcolysine on oxidative phosphorylation in mitochondria of tumor and normal cells
591-593 Kudriashov B.A., Baskova I.P., Kovaleva T.B.
Preventive action of thermostable products of decomposed fibrinogen in experimental thrombosis formation
594-597 Kivman G.Ia., Porfir'eva R.P., Kosolapova A.V.
Complex formation of tetracyclines with different components of blood serum
598-600 Larskiĭ E.G., Cherkashchenko D.N.
Changes in serum mucoprotein levels in hepatocerebral dystrophy
600-603 Grinio L.P.
Changes in the activity of blood serum enzymes in relatives of children with myopathy
603-605 Gevorgian I.M.
Effect of ACTH on glycogen levels in tissues of rats with acute hypoxyia
606-609 Kulikova A.I.
Effect of hypoxia on adenylic system component levels in skeletal muscles and rat heart
609-611 Grigorian V.G., Kiroshka I.Z.
Effect of phthivazid on the urinary excretion of uronic acids in children with tuberculosis
611-613 Meerov G.I.
On the possibilities of applying the inhibitory effect of aminazine to chromoproteins
613-618 Matusis I.I., Bogdanov N.G., Pechenina M.I., Ulasevich I.I.
Changes in respiration and oxidative phosphorylation of skeletal muscle tissues in K avitaminosis
618-621 Gol'dshtein B.I., Rud' S.G., Poliakova L.L.
Age-related changed in the level of iron in tissues and DNA preparations from albino rats
621-626 Barts M.P., Bereshchakova E.P.
Relationship between sodium levels in rabbits heart and protein-bound noradrenalin
627-632 Abdullaev N.Kh.
Effect of methandrostenolone on protein metabolism in the liver and protein fractions of the blood serum in experimental hepatitis
633-636 Avenirova E.L., Maslova M.N., Rozengart V.I., Sytinskiĭ I.A.
On a method of determining gamma-aminobutyric acid in brain tissue
636-638 Lapuk V.Kh.
An improved method for determining ovomucoid
639-641 Krupa E.E., Marukhin E.E., Pakhetska I.Ya., Tysarovskiĭ V.V.
Modfication of spectrophotometer SF-10 for measuring optical density at continuous wavelength
642-644 Zubovskaia A.M.
Participation of the cytochrome system in the oxidation of serotonin in rabbit heart mitochondria
644-645 Usatenko M.S.
Phosphopyruvate carboxylase in the cellular fractions of the rabbit kidney cortex and the effect of hydrocortisone on enzyme activity
646-647 Markelova V.F., Tatsievskiĭ V.A.
Biosynthesis of cholesterol and fatty acids from 2-C14-acetate in various organs and tissues in rats
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