1965, Volume 11, Issue 2
3-16 Men'shikov V.V., Bol'shakova T.D.
Methylation processes in catecholamine metabolism
17-20 Chernysheva G.V., Meerson F.Z.
Dynamics of the enzymatic activity of myocardial myosin in compensatory cardiac hyperfunction
20-24 Tatarinov I.S.
Content of the embryo-specific alpha-globulin in the serum of the fetus, newborn infant and adult man with primary liver cancer
24-28 Zakharova L.V., Derviz G.V.
Respiratory of cadaveric skin preserved under low temperatures
29-32 Drzhevetskaia I.A., Morozova L.I.
Insulin activity of the blood in normal subjects
32-36 Perevoshchikova K.A., Belousov A.P., Shishkov V.P.
Accumulation of glutamine in tumors and its incorporation into neoplasm proteins and normal cells
36-41 Telepneva V.I., Isaeva I.V.
Enzymatic NAD conversion in extracts of normal and denervated skeletal muscles
41-46 Kaplanskii S.Ya., Aziavchik A.V.
Sulfhydryl and disulfide compounds in serum proteins of normal subjects and in patients with liver and kidney diseases
46-54 Soprunov F.F., Stefanovskaia N.V., Kurbanov K.Kh.
The rate of turnover and the nature of biosynthesis of proteins in the blood plasma and skin in the rabbit
54-59 Spirichev V.B., Meerson F.Z., D'iachkova L.V., Blazheevich N.V.
Effect of compensatory hyperfunction and hypertrophy of the heart on the content of vitamin B-1 and B-2 in the heart muscle and liver
60-67 Krekhova M.A.
A method for the fraction determination of 17-ketosteroids with the use of thin-layer chromatography
68-73 Dudarova S.I.
Role of so-called secretory function of the liver in the pathogenesis of acute toxic fatty dystrophy
74-77 Pokrovskiĭ E.A.
A modified direct method of neutral lipids
78-82 Donchenko G.V.
Determination of the ubiquinone content in rat liver tissue and mitochondria
82-87 Karlinskiĭ V.M., Roomere P.A.
Zinc content in the blood serum and urine of normal subjects
87-89 Ginodman J.M., Solov'eva T.A.
Determination of pepsin and gastricsin in human gastric juice
89-94 Gubarev E.M., Efimimtseva E.P.
A method for the determination and study of polysaccharides in Vibrio cholerae
95-97 Poverennyĭ A.M., Levi M.I.
Existence of 2 types of DNA antibodies
97-99 Karelin A.A., Poliantseva L.R.
Detection of transaminase in the blood serum and urine in patients with various kidney diseases
99-101 Patrikeeva M.V.
Plasmalogens in chicken brain mitochondria during ontogenesis
102-109 Skulachev V.P.
Bio-energetics at the 6th International Congress of Biochemistry
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