1970, Volume 16, Issue 1
3-19 Abakumova O.Yu., Fedorov N.A.
Cyclic adenosine-3',5'-monophosphate and its biological role
19-23 Zakharova A.V.
Effect of some drugs with anticholinesterase action on muscular cholinesterases
23-27 Kauricheva N.I., Kuznetsova V.M., Bogomolets-Enrikes O.M.
Separation of substrate and kininogenase activities of horse blood plasma
28-31 Germaniuk I.L., Mironenko V.I.
Disorder of the acceptor function of trans- fer RNA's from rabbit liver in insulin insufficiency
31-36 Dolgo-Saburov V.B., Paniukov A.N.
The molecular heterogeneity of cholinesterases
36-38 Svirnovskiĭ A.I.
Adenosine deaminase in human leukocytes
38-42 Dancheva K.I.
Activation of P32-incorporation into nucleotides of thymus nuclei by bases and ribonucleosides
42-46 Elinov N.P., el'-Sukari A.
Effect of anion surface-active substances on the hyaluronidase of St. aureus
46-51 Mikhailov V.V., Astaf'eva N.G.
Functional significance of localization of changes in catecholamines of the central nervous system in postdiphtheritic polyneuritis and in experimental allergic encephalomyelitis
51-58 Il'in V.S., Teras L.E., Kil'dema L.A., Birk R.V., Pyldvere E.I.
Activities pentosephosphate cycle hexokinases and dehydrogenases in transplanted mouse hepatomas
59-62 Filinkov A.F.
Presence and content of the fibrinogen-I-131 complex in the blood stream after intravenous thrombin administration
63-69 Dvorkin V.Ya., Rozengart V.I., Tofilo A.P., Chetverikov D.A.
Analysis of the effect of phosphoorganic cholinesterase inhibitors on phospholipid metabolism in the brain
69-72 Koshcheenko N.N., Filippovich I.V., Romantsev E.F.
Chemical state and content of radioprotector in some rat tissues at early time-intervals after cystamine administration
72-77 Maĭskiĭ V.G., Suchkov I.G.
Pathways of exogenous adenine transformation into nucleic acid guanine in the plague bacillus
77-83 Simanovskiĭ L.N., Pertseva M.N., Zheludkova Z.P., Mazina T.I.
Effect of acute and chronic hypoxia on some characteristics of carbohydrate and lipid metabolism in rats
83-87 Boĭko S.S., Tseĭtlin L.A.
Splitting of thiamine phosphates in heart muscle in adrenaline-induced myocarditis and in normal animals
87-90 Boboshko I.L., Grozdova M.D.
Fatty acid oxidation in the myocardium of normal animals and in experimental myocarditis
90-94 Grigorovich I.A.
Cordiamin effect on NAD-glucohydrolase in rabbit myocardium
95-98 Rodionov V.M., Pospelova A.V., Reshetko I.P., Kulakova T.G.
Haptoglobin metabolism in the aseptic inflammatory process
99-100 Fitsner A.B., Mardashev S.R.
The possible mechanism of the inhibitory effect of barbiturates on orotic acid biosynthesis in rat liver slices
101-103 Volkova V.I., Gaziez G.A., Popova L.A.
2-dimensional chromatography of a corticosteroid mixture on thin layer of KSK silica-gel
103-109 Nezlin R.S.
Sub-classes of human immunoglobulin G
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