1981, Volume 27, Issue 2
147-154 Kendysh I.N.
Significance of glucagon in the pathogenesis of diabetes (a review)
154-166 Mertvetsov N.P.
Multiple forms of tyrosine aminotransferase in rat liver cells and their role in cell homeostasis
166-172 Troitskii G.V., Akhmed M., Azhitskii G.Iu., Bagdasar'ian S.N., Gaevskaia V.A.
Isolation and purification of an unspecific component from human serum albumin, typical for pathology
172-175 Mikhalkina N.I., Sverchkova V.S.
Hypoxia-hypercapnic effects on lactate dehydrogenase activity in rat heart tissue
175-178 Khursin N.E.
Increase in DNAase activity in rat urine after intraperitoneal administration of DNAases
179-181 Vartanian G.S., Karagezian K.G.
Normalizing effect of Bryonia alba L. on blood phospholipids in alloxan diabetes
181-185 Liapina L.A., Ul'ianov A.M., Bazaz'ian G.G., Boneva Zh.S.
Penetration of the heparin-thromboplastin complex into brain tissues after administration of the complex into healthy animals and into animals with the prethrombotic state caused by atherogenic diet
185-189 Grigorian V.G., Shinkareva T.I., Kiroshka V.S., Tsymbalar' G.G., Vangeli L.V.
Alteration in activities of NAD-glycohydrolase, acid and alkaline phosphatases in blood cells tuberculosis
189-193 Surinov B.P., Komarova A.B.
Multiple forms of some enzymes in tissue of rectal carcinoma after x-ray treatment
193-197 Filanovskaia L.I., Ushakova E.A., Blinov M.N., Filippova V.N.
Effect of adenosine on synthesis of pyrimidine nucleotides and RNA in normal lymphocytes and under conditions of chronic lymphoid leukosis
197-200 Turakulov I.Kh., Saatov T.S., Rakhimdzhanova M.T., Ismailkhodzhaeva G.G.
Oxidation of palmityl carnitine in mitochondria of rat heart and liver tissue under conditions of thyroid pathology
201-203 Kotova S.A., Ialkut S.I.
Content of cyclic nucleotides in blood plasma of patients with bronchial asthma
204-206 Komov V.P., Kirillova N.V.
Biosynthesis and degradation of aldolase in liver of tumor-bearing rats
207-210 Lebenka A.Yu., Rachkus I.A., Kanopkaite S.I.
Influence of S-methylmethionine on the metabolism of nucleic acids in Escherichia coli
211-215 Blinov M.N., Luganova I.S., Vladimirova A.D.
Nuclease activity of blood serum from healthy persons and from patients with some hematologic impairments
215-220 Aleksandrova L.A., Shaposhnikov A.M.
Activity of erythrocyte purine phosphoribosyltransferases in Lesch-Nyhan syndrome
220-223 Lopatina N.G., Nikol'skaia I.I., Sverdlov E.D., Debov S.S.
Recognition sites of adenine DNA-methylases from cells of E. coli
223-226 Digoeva M.D., Berezov T.T.
Some biochemical, immunological and morphological changes of the blood system in patients dealing with lead salt
226-228 Zorina R.M., Zorin N.A.
Content of alpha 2-glycoprotein, related to pregnancy, in donor blood serum
228-235 Isakhanian G.D., Gorkin V.Z.
Partial purification and properties of the adenylate deaminase from subfractions of soluble mitochondrial proteins of rat liver
235-238 Borodin E.A., Sergienko V.I., Khalilov E.M., Archakov A.I., Lopukhin I.M.
Isolation of cholesterol from erythrocyte ghosts microsomes and blood plasma using specific sorbent and phospholipid liposomes
239-243 Voskoboev A.I., Averin V.A.
Free and bound thiamine pyrophosphate level in rat liver mitochondria in various saturation of the body with thiamine
243-247 Kozhukhov A.N.
Biotransformation of ftorafur
247-251 Mosina I.V.
Effect of L-dopa on some patterns of lipid metabolism in experimental animals
251-254 Galegov G.A., Vladyko A.S., Linitskaia G.L., Shobukhov V.M.
Effect of amantadine (1-aminoadamantane) and remantadine (alpha-methyl-1-adamantane methyl amine) hydrochlorides on formation of influenza A viral proteins
254-259 Iurkov Iu.A., Alatyrtsev V.V., Kuz'minov O.D.
Efficiency and mechanisms of antihypoxic effect of ATP in newborn rats
259-261 Kalashnikov V.V., Voloshchuk S.G., Falaleeva D.M., Tatarinov I.S.
Immunochemical study of the embryonal prealbumin-2 (EPA-2) in embryonal and adult human tissues
261-266 Kamyshanskaia N.S., Moskvitina T.A.
Multiple forms of human brain monoamine oxidase
266-271 Annenkov G.A., Safronova E.E.
Presence of active phenylalanine hydroxylase in human leukocytes
272-280 Denisenko A.D., Usatenko M.S., Lozovskiĭ V.T., Triufanov V.F., Oleĭnik I.A.
Apolipoproteins A-I, A-II and E as well as high density lipoproteins in blood of persons with dis-alpha-lipoproteinemias
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