1974, Volume 20, Issue 4
In memory of S. R. Mardashev
343-349 Storozhuk P.G., Plakhotniukova V.V., Tsynkalovskiĭ I.B.
The effect of antibacterial preparations on pancreatic juice proteinase activity and the concentration of several enzymes in the digestive organs
349-353 Kuzmak N.I.
The effect of experimental hyper- and hypothyrosis on the serum concentration of hexosamines and protein-bound hexoses in rats
353-359 Rozengart V.I., Freĭdlin T.S., Shcherbak I.G., Novikov I.A.
ENzymatic hydrolysis of O-ethyl-S-(omega-carbalkoxyalkyll) methylthiophosphonates by rat tissue homogenates
359-362 Sergeev P.V., Vladimirov I.A., Seĭfulla R.D., Denisov I.P., Rudnev I.N.
The role of the chemical structure of steroid hormones in inhibiting peroxidative lipid oxidation in mitochondrial membranes
363-367 Rozanov A.Ya., Agafonova N.E., Iakovlev V.A., Kopelevich V.M., Evdokimova G.S.
A change in the CoA concentration in the organs of young rats following injection with pantothenate derivatives
367-371 Vaisfel'd I.L., Il'icheva R.F., Kulakov G.P.
The role of biogenic amines in the pathogenesis of kidney damage
371-375 Fedorov N.A., Movshev B.E., Nedoshivina R.V., Petrov V.N., Averchenko V.I.
Isolation of toxic protein fractions from burned skin and a study of their properties
376-379 Rogozkin V.A., Zil'ber M.L., Pliskin A.V.
The effect of systematic activity on the processes of transcription and nuclear-cytoplasmic RNA transport in the skeletal muscles of white rats
379-382 Kurbanov K.Kh., Berezov T.T.
Oxidative catabolism of tyrosine in vitiligo
382-387 Chumakov V.N., Smelianskaia G.N.
The peroxidase function of mitochondria
388-392 Arbuzov V.A., Mardashev S.R.
Destruction of total messenger RNA in E. coli by treatment with actinomycin D and rifampicin
393-396 Riabykh T.P., Kobliakov V.A.
The effect of benz(alpha)pyrene and its derivatives on the function of isolated rat liver mitochondria
396-400 Zhdanov V.M., Bykovskii A.F., Bektemirov T.A., Il'in K.V., Mazurenko N.P.
Biochemical methods of demonstrating latent oncornaviruses and mycoplasma
401-406 Usatenko M.S., Tsoncheva A.V.
The effect of insulin deficiency and hydrocortisone on the activity of NADP- and NAD-dependent malate dehydrogenase in rat liver and renal cortex
406-411 Karelin A.A.
Selective inhibition of pancreatic transamidinase by 2-mercapto derivatives of imidazole, purine and pyrimidine
411-413 Khalikov S.K., Rakhimov M.M., Sorokin V.M.
The effect of the venom on the central Asian cobra Naja naja oxiana on tyrosine-C-14 incorporation in the cellular structures of mouse liver
414-418 Zaikina N.A., Shataeva L.K.
The effect of specific immune and normal sera on proteolytic enzymes
418-424 Gerasimova E.N., Peroua N.V., Speranskaia N.V., Shcherbakova I.A., Karmanskii I.M.
The effect of cortisol on lipoprotein transformation in plasma in experimental atherosclerosis
425-430 Chagovets N.R., Leshkevich L.G.
Oxidative-reductive conversions of nicotinamide adenine dinulceotide in skeletal muscles during work and rest
430-435 Shermet'evskaia T.N., Silaeva S.A., Khatsernova B.Ia., Debov S.S.
Nuclear ribonucleotide reductase of cells of normal regenerating liver and sarcoma M-1 in rats
435-439 Lankin V.Z., Anikeova S.P., Ananenko A.A., Vel'tishchev Iu.E.
Quantitative determination of serum nonesterified fatty acids by gas liquid chromatography
440-442 Tarasova L.N., Saltykova Z.A.
Determination of blood clotting factor activity in PPSB
443-446 Bogoiavlenskaia N.V.
A spectrophotometric method of quantitative RNA determination in human erythrocytes
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