1977, Volume 23, Issue 6
723-728 Velikii N.N., Parkhomets P.K., Turganbaeva T.M., Chichkovskaia G.V., Mogilevich S.E.
Role of the oxidation-reduction state and phosphate potential in regulating rat liver gluconeogenesis during inclusion of 1,3-butanediol in the diet
728-732 Chetverikova E.P.
Adenylate kinase and creatine kinase activity of rabbit blood serum following application of a tourniquet to the thigh
732-735 Bykova L.M., Bezvershenko L.A.
Effect of photooxidation on the immunological properties of immunoglobulins
735-741 Grozdova M.D., Sharlova I.L., Starostina L.K.
Calcium transport in rabbit myocardial cells during experimental heart damage
741-745 Rusev G.K., Tomova E.L., Andreeva L.S.
Synthesis of multiple forms of brain cholinesterases
745-748 Batrak G.E., Nerush P.A.
Effect of hexenal and thiopental anesthesia on energy metabolism in different brain areas
748-755 Aptekar' S.G., Vikhert A.M.
Vessel wall lipids in human atherosclerosis
756-759 Novikov N.M., Voronkov S.F., Voloshchenko L.G., Mikhailova S.N.
Erythropoietin-forming and esterase activity of rat kidney subcellular fractions during stimulation of erythropoiesis
760-763 Shishov V.I., Novoselova N.G., Maevskii E.I., Glotov N.A.
Energy metabolism disorders in the myocardium due to alcoholic intoxication
763-768 Zaets T.L., Dolgina M.I., Muzykant L.I., Kotkina T.I., Nosova I.M.
Changes in skin enzyme activity in experimental burns
768-773 Torkhovskaia T.I., Koldaeva A.P., Kurchatova S.A., Titov V.N., Gerasimova E.N.
Phospholipid composition of high density lipoproteins in hyperalphalipoproteinemia
774-777 Rivkind N.B., Tsyrlov I.B., Gromova O.A., Liakhovich V.V.
Kinetic parameters of the rat liver monooxygenase system in the early stages of chemical carcinogenesis
777-782 Speranskaia N.V., Ozerova I.N., Shcherbakova I.A., Gerasimova E.N.
Effect of cortisol on adenylate cyclase and 3',5'-AMP phosphodiesterase activity and 3',5'-AMP concentration in tissues and biological fluids in experimental atherosclerosis
783-786 Ivashchenko A.T.
HCO3-stimulated adenosine triphosphatase in rat ovarian tumor cells
787-788 Loiko V.I., Kolmakov V.N., Parnov B.S., Bashmakov V.P.
Effect of physical exertion on indices of cholesterol metabolism in alimentary obesity
789-796 Gerasimova E.N.
Cyclic adenosine monophosphate and atherogenic factors
797-803 Frolova I.A., Oleneva V.A., Paramonova E.G., Volkova I.S., Sirota I.I.
Excretion of catecholamines and DOPA in lipid metabolism disorders
803-807 Klimov A.N., Dokusova O.K., Petrova-maslakova L.G., Loviagina T.N., Nagornev V.A.
Cholesterol metabolism in rabbits with resistance to experimental atherosclerosis acquired by immunological treatment
808-812 Sholukh M.V., Pikulev A.T.
Role of adrenoreceptors in regulating aspartate aminotransferase isoenzyme activity in albino rat hearts
812-818 Morozova E.O., Blinov M.N.
Comparative study of nuclear RNA in leukocytes of normal individuals and patients with leukemia by the method of molecular DNA-RNA hybridization
818-822 Dobretsov G.E., Petrov V.A., Borshchevskaia T.A., Deev A.I., Vladimirov Yu.A.
Effect of peroxidation on the physical structure of phospholipid membranes
822-824 Ulasevich I.I.
Fractional composition and activity of ATPase proteins in the aorta of rats with vitamin E deficiency
824-829 Lozinskii T.F., Uryvaev L.V., Il'in K.V., Zhdanov V.M.
Further study of spontaneous virus production using transplantable HEp-2 cells as a model
830-834 Isaeva V.A., Bazanov E.A., Migunova N.A., Spirichev V.B.
Bone tissue collagen and vitamin D in chronic kidney insufficiency in rats
834-840 Krivchenkova R.S., Brusova E.G.
Properties of monoamine oxidases from myocardial mitochondria
840-844 Trapeznikova S.S., Gontar' I.D.
Interaction of immobilized carboxypeptidase with a natural inhibitor from human blood plasma
844-847 Nedel'kina S.V., Dianova I.I., Subbotina R.S., Salganik R.I.
Indirect method of determining drug-metabolizing enzyme activity and its clinical application
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