1977, Volume 23, Issue 5
583-592 Gerasimova E.N.
Principles and tasks of biochemical research at centers participating in the accomplishment of the national program for the control of cardiovascular diseases
592-596 Draudin-Krylenko V.A.
Pyridoxal kinase activity in human tumor tissues
597-601 Shaposhnikova A.M., Skachkov M.M., Babitskiĭ G.Ya.
Phenylalanine-4-hydroxylase activity in the liver in viral hepatitis
601-606 Sergeev A.V.
Effect of diketopiperazine on mouse liver regeneration following partial hepatectomy
606-608 Atakhanova B.A., Kadyrova K.A., Saatov T.S., Turakulov I.Kh.
Protein biosynthesis in a cell-free protein synthesis system from nodular euthyroid goiter cells
609-618 Shatemirova K.K., Davydova G.A., Verevkina I.V., Tichilkin A.I.
Effect of new 2-propinylamine derivatives on mitochondrial monoamine oxidase activity
618-622 Kovalenko N.A., Tsvetkova T.A., Nikolaev A.Ya.
Substrate specificity, inhibitors and kinetics of deamidase AG (asparaginase-glutaminase) from Pseudomonas fluorescens AG
622-629 Miasishcheva N.V., Golenko O.D., Kuznetsova L.E., Raushenbakh M.O., Rudakova I.P.
Effect of methylcobalamin and fluoralkylcobalamins on E. coli 113/3 cell growth and on a primary human embryonic fibroblast culture
629-632 Ivashchenko A.T.
Anion-sensitive nuclear ATPase of the rat heart
632-635 Geĭtman I.Ya., Kardash B.E., Kivman G.Ya.
Trypsin and lipase activity in the presence of antibiotics
635-638 Ermolaev M.V., Semenova M.V.
Serotonin metabolism in duodenal tissue in acute renal ischemia in rabbits
638-643 Litvinenko L.T., Gulyĭ M.F., Antonenko R.D., Solodova E.V.
Structure of cytoplasmic glycerol-3-phosphate dehydrogenase in experimental atherosclerosis in rabbits
642-646 Salomatin V.V., Efimenko G.P., Kamilov F.Kh., Lifshits R.I.
Interrelationship of pseudouridine and transfer RNA metabolic disorders in thermal injury
646-649 Chaeva L.S.
Brain sulfatides and cerebrosides in experimental hyperphenylalaninemia
650-652 Shanygina K.I., Parfernova N.S.
Effect of sectioning the celiac and vagus nerves on the activity and isoenzymatic composition of rat liver lactate dehydrogenase
653-657 Il'in V.S., Kozhevnikova K.A.
Effect of Ca2+ ions on the pyruvate kinase isoenzymes from rabbit kidney cortex
658-661 Kozhevnikova K.A.
Native and desensitized forms of L-type pyruvate kinase from rabbit kidney cortex
661-667 Rozanov A.Ya., Kirilenko O.A., Savchenko S.N., Stepanova L.N., Agafonova N.E.
Pantothenate metabolism in the rat liver and its regulation
667-672 Denisenko T.V., Poliakova E.D.
Depression of rat liver acetyl-CoA-carboxylase activity by salicylate and other compounds
673-676 Bragin E.O., Dergunov A.D., Neugodova G.L., Sorokovoj V.I., Vladimirov I.A.
Role of phospholipase A2 in anoxic injury to the energy-dependent functions of the mitochondria
677-681 Nazyrov A.T., Shafnanova N.G., Almaniiazova K.K.
Role of oxidative processes in the realization of the adaptive mechanisms of the human placenta
681-684 Vares I.V., Miasishcheva N.V.
Analysis of the cobalamin coenzymes in mouse splenic tumor cells
685-689 Movshev B.E., Nedoshivina R.V.
Comparative study of the biological activity of a toxin isolated from burned skin using physicochemical and immunosorption methods
689-700 Paskhina T.S., Dolgina M.I., Nartikova V.F., Krinskaia A.V., Morozova N.A.
Effect of a polyvalent proteinase inhibitor from the lungs of a bull on the state of the kinin system in burn shock and acute burn toxemia
701-703 Iakobson G.S., Sorokin A.S., Gizatulin Z.Ya., Shorin I.P.
Tyrosine-alpha-ketoglutarate transaminase activity in the rat liver after partial hepatectomy and CCl4 poisoning
704-709 Daudova G.M., Soliternova I.B., Shvets M.A.
Effect of a centrogenic fever on phosphorylase and pyruvate kinase activity in rabbit tissues
709-712 Sokolovsky V.V., Belozerova L.A., Ogurtsova R.E.
Quantitative determination of tissue disulfide groups by reverse amperometric titration
712-716 Chumakov V.N., Osinskaia L.F.
Quantitative method of determining the activity of zinc- and copper-dependent superoxide dismutase in biological material
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