1966, Volume 12, Issue 5
452-455 Kukushkina G.V., Gorbacheva L.B., Emanuel' N.M.
Inhibition of protein and nucleic acid biosynthesis by phenol compounds in vivo experiments
455-460 Shchesno T.Yu.
Nucleic acid levels in functionally different muscles of the extremities at various times after the removal of a styptic tourniquet
461-467 Kul'berg A.Ia., Sergeeva N.S., Bulatova T.I., Bartova L.M.
Studies of serological properties of papain fractionated rabbit antibodies to bacterial antigens of various chemical natures
468-473 Markelov I.M., Vinogradov V.M., Frolov S.F.
Electrophoretic studies of heart sarcoplasma proteins in experimental myocardial infarction
473-476 Spryshkova R.A., Poznanskaia A.A.
Transamination of 5-aminolevulinic acid and its oxo-derivative 4,5-dioxovaleric acid in animal tissues
477-483 Roĭtman M.I.
Blood coagulation activity of Vipera lebetina turanica venom and its neutralization by specific antiserum
483-486 Dovedova E.L.
Effect of aminazine on the activity of oxidative enzymes in the motor analyzer of the cat brain
487-492 Libinzon R.E., Elkina N.I.
Effect of plutonium on the level of nucleic acids in rabbit bone tissue
492-496 Volynets E.S., Mozgovaia E.N., Shliakhova E.A.
Metabolic reaction of the body to surgical trauma with different kinds of anesthesia
496-502 Shaternikov V.A., Kniazev I.I.
Interaction of trypsin with inhibitors of human blood serum
502-507 Tret'iakova K.A.
Biosynthesis of cholesterol in the liver of adrenalectomized rats injected with corticosteroids and irradiated
507-510 Kochetkova M.K., Epshteĭn I.M., Belousov A.P.
Effect of the sulfhydryl groups of hemoglobin on its functional properties
511-513 Titova G.V.
Sulfhydryl groups of liver hexokinase and glucokinase and their participation in catalysis of the glucokinase reaction
514-517 Nilova N.S.
Effect of ammonia and acetylcholine on aspartate aminotransferase activity in brain tissue
518-522 Berezov T.T.
Mechanism of deamination of some L-amino acids in malignant tumors
522-526 Pokrovskiĭ A.A., Musin I.I., Archakov A.I.
On the correlation fo fructosediphosphate and fructosemonophosphate aldolase activities in rat tissues under toxic conditions and starvation
527-532 Iodaev N.A., Pokrovskiĭ B.V.
The anabolic and androgenic effect of methandrostenolone in experiments with male rats
534-536 Skurikhina M.M., Lomova M.A.
Effect of excision oof the adrenal glands on excretion of desoxycytidine in irradiated rats
536-539 Il'in V.S., Kil'dema L.A.
On the conditions under which the effect of cortisone on the glucokinase reaction in leukocytes is manifested
539-541 Chudinovskikh A.V., Budkovskaia N.G.
Content of carbohydrate components in blood serum alpha 3-globulin (haptoglobulin) in dogs
542-544 Shemanova G.F., Akatov A.K., Tolovskaia K.R.
Derivation of highly purified preparations of Staphylococcus anatoxin
545-547 Pluzhnikov M.S.
On protein composition of the inner ear perilymph
548-554 Daniukov Iu.G., Mil'man L.S.
Simplified photelectronic apparatus for enzymatic determianation of ATP by using luciferin-luciferase system
555-556 Kanygina E.L., Andreenko G.V.
New method of deriving fibrinolysin preparations
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