1981, Volume 27, Issue 6
726-736 Bychkov S.M.
New data on heparin (a review)
736-739 Mikosha A.S., Monissarenko V.P., Bychkovskaia L.A.
Properties of adrenocortical isocitrate dehydrogenase
739-742 Viktorov A.P.
Nicotinamide coenzyme content in the myocardium of growing rats undergoing pharmacological sympathectomy
743-746 Parsadanian G.K.
Use of isofocusing for isolating and characterizing phosphorus metabolism enzymes
746-749 Gordienko A.D., Fedets O.I.
ATP, ADP and AMP content in the low-temperature preservation of lymphoid cells
750-751 Aleksanian S.S., Pogosian M.A.
Effect of neurohormone C on lipolysis and 11-hydroxycorticosteroid concentration
752-755 Vagner V.K., Putilin V.M., Kharabuga G.G.
Methods and results of studying serum alkaline phosphatase isoenzymes (intestinal and liver fractions) in acute surgical diseases of the abdominal cavity organs
755-759 Saakian I.R., Karapetian T.D.
Liver mitochondrial participation in the body adaptation reactions in a rat heart transplant
760-763 Donchenko G.V., Kovalenko V.N., Makovetskiĭ V.P., Svishchuk A.A.
Effectiveness of different alphalphalpha-tocopherol derivatives in preventing experimental muscular dystrophy in chickens
763-769 Musaev K.N., Almatov K.T., Rakhimov M.M., Akhmedov R.R.
Functioning of mucosal mitochondria of the small intestine in exposure of rats to high environmental temperature
769-773 Tashmukhamedov B.A., Zamaraeva M.V., Gagel'gans A.I., Kliuev S.N., Salakhutdinov B.A.
Structural and functional characteristics of the sarcoplasmic reticulum membranes of the skeletal muscles in thyrotoxicosis
773-779 Kalninia I.E., Baumanas E.A., Kaĭrane C.B., Gorkin V.Z.
Hydrazine derivative modification of the activity of brain mitochondrial monoamine oxidases
780-784 Moĭseenok A.G., Tsverbaum E.A., Rybalko M.A.
Pantothenic acid biotransformation in human vitamin deficiency
785-788 Tumanov V.N., Trebukhina R.V.
Enzyme activity of thiamine diphosphate biosynthesis and degradation in the mouse liver in the dynamics of B1 avitaminosis development
788-790 Seredenin S.B., Zin'kovskii V.G., Golovenko N.Ia., Rybina I.V.
Genetic differences in the excretion of phenazepam-14C
791-794 Merkur'eva R.V., Bushinskaia L.I., Skvortsova N.I., Dolinskaia S.I., Shaternikova I.S.
Membrane-bound sialoglycoproteins of the rat liver as affected by the combined action of benz(a)pyrene and sulfur dioxide
795-800 Buko V.U., Larin F.S., Nikitin V.S., Ostrovskiĭ I.M.
Importance of insulin- and thiamine-dependent processes in regulating lipid metabolism in the rat liver
800-804 Dobrotina N.A., Travina N.M.
Glycoproteins in toxic and viral lesions of the liver
804-811 Iakubovskaia R.I., Malyshev N.A., Farber N.A., Didkovskiĭ N.A., Paskhina T.S.
Kallikrein and prekallikrein content and antitryptic activity in the blood serum in serum hepatitis of varying degrees of severity
811-815 Drukker N.A., Pogorelova T.N., Dluzhevskaia T.S.
Purine base metabolism in the mother-placenta-fetus system in experimental hypoxia
815-820 Gonchar N.A., Petriĭ O.G., Votrin I.I., Debov S.S.
Effect of histidine analogs and histidyl-containing dipeptides on the decarboxylase activity of Micrococcus sp. n. histidine decarboxylase
820-823 L'vov N.D., Pushkarskaia N.L., Galegov G.A.
Effect of remantadine, ribavirin and their combinations on the protein synthesis of influenza virus A in a cell culture
823-828 Shimonaeva E.E., Liutova L.V., Andreenko G.V.
Fibrinolytic system of animals repeatedly and chronically administered plasminogen tissue activator
829-835 Khuzhamberdiev M.M., Mamadiev M.M., Gorkin V.Z.
Mechanism of disturbances in the deamination of nitrogenous compounds in experimental hypercholesterolemia and atherosclerosis
835-840 Spryshkova R.A., Spryshkova N.A., Serebriakov N.G., Spirichev V.B., Zubenkova E.S.
Kinetics of the organ and tissue distribution of D-alpha-(5 methyl-3H)-tocopherol as a function of the age of animals
840-844 Strukova S.M., Mitroshina T.N., Umarova V.A., Kudriashov B.A.
Use of affinity chromatography for isolating prethrombin 1
844-847 Kuzovleva O.B., Shabalina S.V., Rubtsov I.V.
New method of preparing antibody immunosorbents for nonprotein antigens
848-851 Siatkin S.P., Berezov T.T.
Micromethod for the fluorometric determination of the polyamine and putrescine content in animal tissues by thin-layer chromatography on Silufol UV-254 plates
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