1970, Volume 16, Issue 4
339-342 Pogorelova T.N.
Free amio acid cncentration in the placenta, umbilical cord blood and venous blood in women during premature labor
343-348 Voskoboinikov G.V.
ATP concentration and the intensity of its resynthesis (according to P32 studies) in several tissues of irradiated ats
348-351 Kulik G.I.
The effect of thiophosphamide on the ATP-ase activity of the strucuural and water-soluble proteins of Guerin carcinoma and its drug resistant variant
351-354 Gribanov G.A.
Testicular phospholipid metabolism in rats during oxygen starvation
354-357 Kotova T.S., Dalin M.V.
Quantitative relationship between antigen and antibody in the prccipitation reaction when using an antigen fixed to an inert carrier
358-362 Moskvicheva I.V.
Interaction between formaldehyde and various globular proteins
363-365 Velichko L.N., Zharova I.P.
The phospholipid composition of rabbit serum beta-lipoproteins
366-367 Geller L.I., Kozlova Z.P.
Various histamine metabolism indices in liver diseases
368-371 Kazanskaia N.F., Larionova N.I.
Isolation of pancreatic trypsin inhibitor from pantrypine
372-376 Balaba T.Ya., Torbenko V.P.
The enzyme spectrum of bone tissue nnder oormal conditions and during post-traumatic regeneration
376-381 Kontseva N.G., Konstantinov A.A., Shapiro S.E., Koval'skii G.S.
Several indices of protein metabolism and vitamin balance in Far Eastern hemorrhagic fever patients with nephrotic syndrome
381-386 Klimacheva L.V., Ispolatovskaia M.V.
Isolation and various properties of Cl. perfringens hyaluronidase
387-390 Grinberg L.N.
Changes in rat liver mitochondria respiration during prolonged hypokinesia
390-394 Chernikov M.P., Stan E.Ya.
Enzymatic hydrolysis and the degree of dispersion of alpha S-casein following denaturation
394-399 Radev A.A.
The effect of ovarian steroids on glucose-6-phosphatase activity and sodium and potassium concentration in the renal tissue of female rats
399-405 Tseveleva I.A.
Metabolism of glucosamineglycanes (acid mucopolysaccharides) in the lungs of rabbits with plutonium lesions
405-409 Kivman G.Ya., Geitman I.Ya.
The interaction of antibiotics with the serum and protein fractions of blood
409-415 Suchkova S.N., Strukova S.M., Baskova I.P., Kudriashov B.A.
The role of autoprothrombin C in the reactions of the body's anticoagulant system
415-419 Samsonova I.A., Budnitskaia P.Z., Enrikes O.M.
Isolation and purification of human plasminogen
420-429 Ostrovskii Iu.M., Mikhal'tsevich G.N., Sadovnik M.N., Gritsenko E.A.
The distribution of S35-thiamine or S35-hydroxythiamine in the body following simultaneous administration of different derivatives of nicotinic acid
430-434 Zaikina N.A., Elinov N.P., Shataeva L.K., Domorad A.A.
Activation and stabilization of proteolytic enzymes with microbial polysaccharides
434-437 Obukhova E.A., Ostapenko I.A.
Resynthesis of rhodopsin in the intact eye and retinal homogenates following intensive photostimulation
437-440 Sheremet'evskaia T.N., Filippovich I.V., Romantsev E.F.
The effect of sulfhydryl protector and radiosensitizer on deoxycytidine formation in rat thymus tissue
441-443 Fedorov N.A., Kotov N.N., Tikhonova E.F.
Preparation of H3-deoxyadenosine, H3-adenosine and H3-adenosine-3',5'-cyclophosphate by the H-3-20 proton exchange method
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