1973, Volume 19, Issue 5
451-462 Preobrazhenskaia N.P., Yurkevich A.M.
Current concepts concerning the role of cyclic-AMP as a regulator of enzyme activity
462-467 Izabolinskaia R.M., Kruchakova F.A., Polner R.A.
The effect of different combinations of antibacterial preparations on the activity of several enzymes in the tissues of guinea pigs with experimental tuberculosis
468-470 Gil'miiarova F.N., Sidorenkov I.V., Litvinenko L.T., Gulyi M.F.
Several physico-chemical properties of cytoplasmic alpha-glycerophosphate dehydrogenase from skeletal muscles of rabbits with atherosclerosis
471-475 Kirzon M.V., Timeĭko V.N., Artiushkova V.A.
Citric acid accumulation in different organs of rabbits and cats with sodium fluoroacetate poisoning
475-477 Ivanov I.I., Rudakov V.V.
The effect of ionizing radiation on protein synthesis in lactating mammary glands
478-480 Andreenko G.V., Murav'eva N.F.
A comparative study of tissue plasminogen activator isolated from swine cardiac, uterine and ovarian tissue and human placenta
480-482 Grigorian V.G., Kiroshka V.S.
The effect of PAS and pyrazinamide on several indices of protein metabolism in the liver mitochondria of guinea pigs
483-488 Mikhaĭlova L.P., Blokhina V.D., Romantsev E.F.
The effect of beta-mercaptoethylamine on the synthesis of protein fractions in isolated rat spleen nuclei
488-491 Pankratov V.G., Iagovdik N.Z.
Hormonal regulation of several key enzymes of glycolysis in the skin of guinea pigs
492-497 Pastorova V.E., Kudrashov B.A., Rodina V.I.
Complexes of heparin with antiplasmins and several of their properties
498-501 Chesnokov V.N., Gordienko O.E., Mertvetsov N.P.
Demonstration of rat liver hexokinase isoenzymes by means of agar gel electrophoresis
501-505 Lando L.I., Krupenina L.B., Aziavchik A.V.
Adrenaline and noradrenaline concentrations in rat tissues in different phases of single and repeated electroconvulsive seizures
505-510 Chalabian Z.A.
DNA transcription in the brains of animals under different functional conditions
510-514 Frolova I.A., Beiul E.A., Oleneva V.A., Mokina M.N.
Glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase activity in the adipose tissue of patients with metabolic-alimentary obesity
514-518 Botrin I.I., Khasigov P.Z., Shishkin S.S., Debov S.S.
Isolation and various properties of animal ribosomal proteins
523-527 Sheremet'evskaia T.N., Filippovich I.V., Romantsev E.F.
The specificity of biochemical alterations observed following administration of radio-protective aminothiols
528-531 Iakushev V.S., Slobodin V.B., Lifshits R.I., Kamilov F.Kh., Bochina T.V.
Changes in the activity of malate dehydrogenase and its isoenzymes in the early stages of experimental burns
532-534 Galegov G.A., Demidova S.A., Linitskaia G.L., Levina D.S.
Induction of "alkaline" and "acid" DNAases in cultures of cells infected with cytomegalovirus
534-539 Kasavina B.S., Zangieva V.D.
Alterations in lactate dehydrogenase and its isoenzymes in human eye tissues with age
539-546 Khachatrian G.S., Sudzhian T.M.
The activity of forms of glycogen synthetase dependent on and independent of glucose-6-phosphate in the brain under different functional conditions
546-549 Tiuleneva G.V., Petrun' N.M.
Malate dehydrogenase isoenzymes in subcellular fractions of dog kidneys in acute renal insufficiency
550-552 Troitskii G.V., Kiriukhin I.F., Zav'ialov V.P.
Electrofocusing and separation of proteins in a pH gradient created by a temperature gradient
553-556 Adigamov L.F.
A method of determining methandrostenolone in muscle, liver and kidney extracts
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