1977, Volume 23, Issue 2
147-151 Ignatiuk T.E., Iurkov I.A., Dauranov I.G.
Effect of alpha-glycerophosphate on intracellular distribution of hexokinase in the tissue of fetal rabbits during acute hypoxia
151-155 Zinov'ev Iu.V., Kozlov S.A., Ovsiannikova E.Iu.
Increase in the rate of anaerobic glycolysis as an index of hypoxia in hemorrhagic shock
155-159 Proshina L.Ya.
Effect of hydrocortisone on the concentration of serotonin and monoamine oxidase activity in the vascular tract of the eye
159-165 Panin L.E., Nechaev I.S., Poliakov L.M.
Use of circadian rhythms for analysis of the interrelationships between the concentration of glucocorticoids in the blood and the activity of key enzymes for gluconeogenesis in the liver and kidney of rats
166-171 Cherniak N.B., Batishchev A.I., Lamzina N.V., Tokarev I.N., Alekseev G.A.
Electrophoretic and kinetic properties of the erythrocyte glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase of patients with hemolytic anemia related to a deficit in the activity of that enzyme
172-175 Meerson F.Z., Pshennikova M.G., Matlina E.Kh.
Influence of preliminary adaptation to altitude hypoxia on catecholamine concentration in the hypothalamus, adrenals and heart under great physical stress
176-180 Volovoi V.L., Kharat'ian A.M., Sin'kova I.G.
Vitamin B12-binding substances elaborated by the mucous membrane of the stomach
181-185 Zakharova N.E., Pospelova L.N., Gromova O.A., Tsyrlov I.B., Liakhovich V.V.
Mechanism of inhibition of rat liver microsomal monooxygenases during the development of cholestasis
185-187 Alekseev V.S., Kashpur A.M., Gorozhanskaia E.G., Misiuk N.M., Klopotskiĭ G.A.
Splitting of fructose diphosphate by muscle and tumor homogenates
188-193 Karelin A.A., Bikmetov M.S., Nikolaev A.Ya.
Stimulating effect of glucagon and theophylline on the activity of rat liver betamine-homocysteine-methyltransferase. Role of cyclic adenosine-3',5'-monophosphate
193-196 Krauialis K.I., Vagonis A.I.
Effect of actinomycin D on induction of tyrosine aminotransferase by hydrocortisone, cyclic adenosine-3',5'-monophosphate, theophylline and caffeine in the liver of adrenalectomized rats
196-198 Zybin V.S.
Rat liver pyruvate kinase activity under experimental conditions
199-203 Anan'eva G.V., Litonian Z.M., Postupaev V.V.
Effect of hydrocortisone and insulin on the activity and isoenzyme spectrum of NAD-dependent malate dehydrogenase in the lungs, liver and cortical layer of the kidneys of rats with acute hypoxia
203-210 Artsukevich I.M., Voskoboev A.I., Ostrovsky Yu.M.
Purification and several properties of thiamine pyrophosphokinase from rat liver
210-215 Desiatnichenko K.S., Leont'ev V.K.
Characteristics of the proteins of tooth enamel
215-219 Dobrotina N.A., Ezhova G.P.
Glycoprotein components of the skin under normal conditions and in several types of pathology
220-226 Shatemirova K.K., Verevkina I.V., Gorkin V.Z.
Inhibition of the activity of monoamine oxidases type A and B by derivatives of 2-propynylamine
226-232 Il'duganov N.A., Chesnokov V.N., Mertvetsov N.P., Blinova N.N.
Immunochemical characteristics of hydrocortisone induced and hydrocortisone non-induced rat liver tyrosine aminotransferase isoenzymes
232-237 Polevaia O.Yu., Danilova N.P., Rubtsova E.R., Kovalev I.E.
Synthesis, physico-chemical and antigenic properties of the conjugated antigens of xanthine- and theophylline proteins
237-241 Saratikov A.S., Fisanova L.L., Marina T.F.
Effect of euphylline and halidor on several indices of catecholamine and serotonin metabolism in the brains and blood of rats
241-251 Paskhina T.S., Poliantseva L.R., Krinskaia A.V., Belolipetskaia I.G., Nartikova V.F.
State of the kinin system and level of serum proteinase inhibitors in latent nephritis and the nephrotic syndrome of different etiology
251-254 Strezhneva T.Yu., Skorik V.I., Safonova E.S., Korovkin B.F.
1 of the possible causes of an increase in acid hydrolase activity in homogenates of heart muscle following myocardial infarct
257-260 Akopian A.S., Popova I.A., Promyslov M.Sh., Rozenfel'd E.L.
Glycogen degradation in rabbit brain under normal conditions and following cranio-cerebral injury
261-266 Chesnokova N.P.
Role of disorders in biogenic amine metabolism in the pathogenesis of botulin poisoning
266-270 Trebukhina R.V., Ostrovskii Iu.M., Mikhal'tsevich G.N., Borodinskii A.N., Lashak L.K.
Effects of hydroxythiamine and citrate on several reactions of the pentose phosphate cycle and glycolysis
270-275 Alekseenko L.P., Zolotov N.N., Orekhovich V.N.
Chromatographic method of determining the activity of the collagenase-like enzyme of the adenohypophysis and several findings concerning the specificity of its action
275-280 Lavrinenko I.A., Voskresenskaia L.V., Shtark M.B.
Effect of N6, 02'-dibutyryladenosine-3',5'-cyclomonophosphate on synthesis of total RNA in different rat brain structures
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