1980, Volume 26, Issue 3
291-301 Gusev V.A., Brusov O.S., Panchenko L.F.
Superoxide dismutase--radiobiologic significance and possibilities (review)
302-305 Gabrielian N.I., Arapova O.I., Bashkina L.V., Emets V.I., Derevianko V.P.
Biological activity of ischemic liver tissue
306-308 Ivashchenko A.T., Bushneva I.A., Uteulin K.R.
Changes in the activity and adenosine triphosphatases of liver and myocardium in fasting rats
308-312 Ryskulova S.T., Ivashchenko A.T.
Effect of adrenaline on the ATPase activity of rat liver plasma membranes
312-318 Golubev V.P., Kozel'tsev V.L., Silaeva S.A.
Structure and biosynthetic functions of rat liver mitochondrial fractions
318-321 Kudriashov B.A., Liapina L.A., Grigorova E.A.
Reaction between heparin and fibrin monomer and fibrin monomer--fibrinogen complexes
322-325 Siatkin S.P.
Synthesis of polyamine hydrochlorides and their oxidative deamination by diamine oxidase from rapidly growing tissues
325-328 Petrova E.A., Lazareva N.P., Khudadov G.D.
Concentration of free and esterified cholecalciferol in the tissues of rats with hypervitaminosis D
328-331 Abiev G.A., Potapenko A.Ya., Babaev A.Z.
Mechanism of the photochemical reaction between 8-methoxypsoralen and DNA: formation of fluorescent cycloadducts
331-334 Khodakova A.A., Mendzheritskaia L.G., Korobova L.N.
Effect of hyperoxia on histamine concentration in white rat tissues
334-339 Kondrashin A.A., Berezov T.T.
Reconstitution of cytochrome oxidase with liver and hepatoma 27 mitochondrial lipids
339-345 Stan E.Ya., Smirnova L.I., Chernikov M.P.
Digestion of incoagulable proteins during the early postnatal period of development
345-347 Grozina A.A., Ulasevich I.I.
Activity of erythrocyte enzymes in hypervitaminosis D
347-350 Mihailov V.V., Chikina N.A., Belopol'skii A.A.
Mechanism of disruption of histamine metabolism in salivary glands in experimental botulism
351-354 Shenkman B.Z.
Effect of dysentery endotoxin on the histamine and serotonin concentration in the mucosa of the small intestine
354-361 Arbuzov V.A., Krechetova G.D.
Nucleo-cytoplasmic mRNA transport in liver rat and hepatoma cells following suppression of protein synthesis by cycloheximide
362-365 Gukasian I.A., Kovanov V.V., Khil'kin A.M., Shmelev I.A.
Complement system proteins in the acute phase of myocardial infarction
365-370 Ozerova I.N., Torkhovskaia T.I., Polesskiĭ V.A., Gerasimova E.N.
Lecithin-cholesterol acyltransferase activity and lipid composition of high density lipoprotein subfractions in hyperalphalipoproteinemia
370-374 Ryzhenkov V.E., Svergun V.T.
Effect of the synestrol analog sigetin on serum lipid levels of lipoprotein lipid composition in rabbits
374-379 Popov A.V., Orbetsova V.Ts., Bradvarova I.T., Vinarova M.R.
Low density lipoprotein metabolism in human fibroblast tissue cultures
379-381 Mirzoian R.A., Promyslov M.Kh.
Putrescine and polyamines in human and rat cerebral gliomas
381-384 Beiul E.A., Matveev I.A., Kulakova S.N.
Assimilability of different fatty acids in the digestive tract of patients with a malabsorption syndrome following extensive resection of the small intestine
385-387 Badrutdinov M.G., Martynov A.P.
Energy metabolism in extrahepatic cholestasis
387-392 Oglobina O.G., Platonova L.V., Miasnikova L.V., Livshits M.B., Paskhina T.S.
Activity of granulocyte proteinases and level of acid-stable proteinase inhibitors in the bronchial secretions of children with bronchopathies of different etiology
393-397 Fedorova T.M., Ashmarin I.P.
Effect of DNA-tropic antineoplastic and antiparasitic agents on DNAase I activity
398-402 Loseva L.A., Degtiar' V.G., Isachenkov V.A.
Role of 5-alpha-androstane-3-beta, 17-beta-diol in establishing feedback between the gonads and hypothalamo-hypophyseal system of orchidectomized adult rats
403-406 Korovkin B.F., Gosudarskiĭ V.I., Zaitseva K.K., Ivin B.A., Ipatova L.P.
Liposomes and cAMP in lysosome membrane stabilization
406-410 Zbarskiĭ I.B., Perevoshchikova K.A., Filatova L.S., Popova V.S.
Protein composition and electron microscopy of the residual protein fractions of cell nuclei of certain normal organs and tumors of rats
410-415 Blinova T.V., Kosykh A.A., Solopaeva I.M.
Effect of lysosomal cathepsin D and acid phosphatase on collagen protein catabolism in cirrhotically altered liver after stimulating regeneration with choriogonin
415-421 Grozdova M.D., Grigorovich I.A., Zubovskaia A.M., Miroshnichenko V.P., Sharlova I.L.
Adenylate cyclase system and calcium transport in the cardiac muscle of normal rabbits and rabbits with allergic heart damage
421-425 Kalashnikov V.V., Vasil'ev M.Iu., Tatarinov Iu.S.
Immunochemical identification of antigenic determinants of embryonic prealbumin (EPA-1)
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