1974, Volume 20, Issue 2
115-121 Belokhvostov A.S., Katsnel'son I.P., Taranova N.P.
Analysis of the phospholipids and cholesterol in the central nervous system of rabbits with experimental allergic encephalomyelitis
121-126 Troitskii G.V., Bagdasar'ian S.N.
Blood plasma albumin heterogeneity in some types of pathology
127-131 Tseveleva I.A.
Effect of a radiation lesion of the lungs on the metabolism of glycosaminoglycans
132-134 Briskin A.I., Spirichev V.B., Dragneva L.A., Barkova L.V., Zelichenok M.I.
Action of thyrocalcitonin in experimental hypervitaminosis D in rats
135-141 Salganik R.I., Nedel'kina S.V., Argutinskaia S.V., Kusmartseva L.P.
Steroid hormone elimination from the body of animals as a consequence of the hyperinduction of microsomal enzyme by the prolonged administration of phenobarbital
142-148 Nedel'kina S.V., Argutinskaia S.V., Kusmartseva L.P., Kamernitskii A.V., Turuta A.M.
Synthetic steroids that inhibit the intensified biotransformation of steroid hormones caused by the prolonged administration of phenobarbital to animals
148-151 Kastrikina L.N., Lerman M.I.
Effect of the surgical constriction of the aorta on RNA turnover in rat liver and kidney cells
151-155 Surinov B.P., Samgina T.S., Rumiantseva I.A., Ivashchenko I.A.
Activity of the serum esterase and alkaline phosphatase isoforms in certain lesions of the liver
155-158 Kolotilova A.I., Kudriavtseva G.V., Rachev R.R., Redikh S.V.
Thyroxine-like effect of of iodine-containing compounds on the activity of pentosephosphate cycle enzymes
159-163 Afrikanov I.I., Il'inykh A.P., Frolova N.N.
Albumin content in surviving liver sections in experimental tuberculosis and treatment with isoniazide
163-165 Ulasevich I.I., Pechenina M.I.
Effect of vitamins E and K on the mitochondrial ATPase activity in the skeletal muscles and liver of white rats
165-172 Luganova I.S., Kharchenko M.F., Blinov M.N., Vladimirova A.D., Egorova V.A.
Biochemical characteristics of the blood cells in polycythemia vera
172-177 Fedurov V.V., Kuz'menko I.V.
Intracellular distribution of ubiquinone-9 in the regenerating liver of white rats
178-182 Makarenko V.S., Gapanovich V.M.
Incorporation of labelled amino acids into kidney proteins after acute renal ischemia
182-187 Vornovitskaia G.I., Ioannesiants I.A., Shapot V.S.
Characteristics of the catabolic and anabolic transformations of nucleic acids in the ascitic cells of Zajdela hepatoma and in suspensions of normal liver cells
188-195 Vidershain G.Ia., Kolibaba L.G., Rozenfel'd E.L.
2 forms of human alpha-L-fucosidase
195-198 Mitev I.P., Angelov A.M., Kryshkova A.M., Bozduganov A.G.
Change in the enzymatic activity in the guinea pig myocardium on the administration of thyroxine and in thyroidectomy
198-203 Markelova V.F., Liapkov B.G., Zalesskaia I.M.
Lipid synthesis under conditions of prolonged imbalance in the food ration of rats
203-207 D'iachkova L.V., Shamaeva E.M., Platomova G.N., Spirichev V.B.
Differentiation of the specific and nonspecific effects in the carcinostatic action of hydroxythiamine
207-215 Spirichev V.B., Barkova L.V.
Change in the serum concentration of phosphorus calcium and the metastatic calcification of certain tissues in rats administered varying doses of vitamin D2
215-217 Polikarpova L.I.
Effect of protein synthesis inhibitors on the hormonal induction of alanine and aspartate aminotransferases in the liver of sexually mature male rats
218-222 Bessonov A.N., Gusev N.B., Ritov V.B., Tkachuk V.A., Chubarov V.V.
Device for the simultaneous registration of small changes in optical density and pH and its use in biological experiments
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