1976, Volume 22, Issue 1
3-14 Mertvetsov N.P., Gordienko O.E.
Molecular aspects of the action of insulin
14-16 Zinov'ev Yu.V.
Study of the mechanism of erythropoietin effect on energy metabolism in the bone marrow
16-18 Verbolovich V.P., Poletaev E.V.
Characteristics of infrared spectra of adenylic nucleotides
18-21 Mirakhmedov M.M.
Form and content of iodine-containing components of blood in liver pathology
21-25 Esyrev O.V., Uspanova Z.K.
Effect of acetycholine on the Ca2+ transport system in sarcoplasmic reticulum of frog skeletal muscle
25-54 Rashevskaia D.A.
Effect of adaptation to cold and moderate cooling on respiration and oxidative phosphorylation in the muscle mitochondria of albino rats
26-30 Kaz'min S.D., Baglei E.A.
Effect of hydrocortisone acetate on carbohydrate metabolism and cellular respiration of lymphoma NK/ly
30-33 Karagezian K.G., Amirkhanian O.M., Amirkhanian L.T., Aleksandrian D.V.
Phospholipids and free ethanolamine in the brain and liver of albino rats in alcoholic intoxication
33-37 Karagezian K.G., Kazarian P.A., Amirkhanian L.T., Amirkhanian O.M.
Activity of various enzymes of the initial stages of glycerolipid biosynthesis and glycerophosphate content in alcoholic intoxication
37-41 Baev V.I., Drukina M.A.
Pyridine nucleotide content in the brain and myocardium of rats under combined effect of hypercapnia, hypoxia and cooling
41-46 Moveshev B.E.
Immunochemical analysis of toxic protein fractions of burned skin
47-51 Shepelev A.P.
Effect of acute overheating of animals on the processes of lipid peroxidation
55-58 Chekunova M.P.
Mechanism of decrease in noradrenaline content in the myocardium under the effect of various industrial poisons
59-63 Postupaev V.V., Anan'eva G.V., Litonian Z.M.
Change in the activity and lactate dehydrogenase isoenzyme spectrum in rat lungs, liver and kidney cortex under the effect of hydrocortisone, insulin and hypoxia
64-71 Volkova R.I., Kireeva E.G., Mikhel'son M.Ia., Muske G.A.
Enzymatic hydrolysis and reversible binding of suberyldicholine by cholinesterases
72-75 Gerasimova I.A., Flerov M.A.
Effect of amizil on phospholipid metabolism in different parts of the brain
76-81 Isakhanian G.D., Gorkin V.Z.
Monoamine oxidase and adenylate deaminase activity of mitochondrial fractions of the rat liver in alcoholic intoxication
81-89 Eliseeva I.E., Orekhovich V.N., Pavlikhina L.V.
Properties and action specificity of carboxycathepsin (peptidyl dipepsidase) from bovine kidneys
89-94 Gerasimov A.M., Koroleva L.A., Brusov O.S., Olfer'ev A.M., Antonenkov V.D., Panchenko L.F.
Enzymatic mechanisms of inhibition of peroxidative oxidation in different regions of rat brain
94-98 Golovanov S.A.
Characteristics of lipid composition of erythroid and myeloid cells of the bone marrow of rabbits
98-107 Dobrov E.N., Ogareva N.A., Manykin A.A., Tikhonenko T.I.
Liberation of DNA from particles of CD phage of DNA-protein complex: Properties of DNA in the complex and the effect of formaldehyde on the complex structure
108-112 Taranova N.P., Katsnel'son I.P.
Intensity of incorporation of 2-C14-acetate into the cerebrosides and gangliosides of the brain and spinal cord of rabbits in experimental allergic encephalomyelitis
113-116 Roslyĭ I.M.
Characteristics of 21S and 7,5S RNP particles from cytoplasm of normal and neoplastic cells
117-119 Sokovnina I.M., Debov S.S.
Adenase of formed elements of blood of donors and of patients with different blood diseases
119-122 Egorova T.P., Eliseeva I.E.
Effect of carboxycathepsin on biological activity of bradykinin
122-126 Kholodova I.D., Iakhimovich R.I., Vendt V.P.
Chugaev's reaction for sterols
127-136 Shakhanina K.L., Kleev B.V., Fedorov Yu.M.
Preparation of different immunosorbents and their use for isolation of antigens and antibodies
137-140 Pigareva M.I., Beliaeva N.F., Starosel'tseva L.K.
Isolation of the islands of Langerhans from rat pancreas and determination of proteolytic activity in them
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