1977, Volume 23, Issue 1
3-12 Rozenfel'd E.L.
Hereditary diseases caused by disorders in glycoconjugate metabolism
12-18 Babanov G.P., Abramian G.G., Artem'eva G.N., Babanov A.G., Troitskaia I.A.
Hypoxia and tissue permeability for non-electrolytes
18-23 Kiseleva I.P., Lapin I.P., Leont'ev V.G., Prakh'e Samsonova M.L.
Mediation of the lithium increase in rat liver tryptophan pyrrolase activity by 11-hydroxycorticosteroids
23-26 Kolobaev V.I.
Incorporation of 1-14C-glycine into total protein and subcellular fractions of rat liver at different periods following administration of tetrachlormethane
26-30 Kasesalu G.S.
Immunochemical analysis of human alpha-amylase
30-33 Geller L.I., Glinskaia T.P.
Influence of euphylline on the secretory effect of secretin and pancreozymin
33-40 Chesnokova N.P.
Changes in histamine and serotonin metabolism in experimental tetanus
40-44 Loginskii V.E.
Serum immunoglobulin levels in patients with hemoblastoses
44-51 Kudriashov B.A., Liapina L.A.
Heparin-aspirin complex, its physico-chemical and physiologic properties
51-54 Polikarpova L.I.
Activity and isoenzymes of tyrosine-alpha-ketoglutarate transaminase in the liver cytostructures of rats with alloxan diabetes. Effect of insulin
54-59 Saakian I.L., Pleskov V.M.
Activity and isoenzyme composition of the hexokinase and lactate dehydrogenase of different rabbit muscles
59-65 Il'in V.S., Titova G.V., Kliueva N.N.
Effect of insulin and steroid hormones on the conformation and activity of enzyme proteins
66-68 Ponomarev V.I.
Effect of actinomycin D and ethionine on hormonal induction of ribonucleic acid synthesis in the nuclei and cytoplasm of the liver cells of adult male rats
69-73 Karpov L.M., Rozanov A.Ya.
Dynamics of incorporation of 35S-thiamine and its phosphorus esters into the liver cells of white rats of different ages
73-76 Voronel' V.L., Nazarov G.F., Shestakova S.A.
Concentration of components of the adenylate system in the liver during cholestasis
76-83 Telepneva V.I., Kariavkina O.E.
Intracellular localization of the processes of biosynthesis and degradation of NADP in skeletal muscle
83-84 Sharaev P.N., Bogdanov N.G., Butolin E.G.
Antagonism between the action of sodium salicylate and vikasol on the wall of the stomach
85-87 Petrova T.A.
Simple method for obtaining preparations of cathepsin D from rabbit spleen and bone marrow
88-92 Tatarinov Iu.S., Falaleeva D.M., Kalashnikova V.V., Vasil'ev M.Iu.
Biosynthesis and cellular localization of betal-g-globulin in the human placenta
92-96 Bogatskii A.V., Golovenko N.Ia., Karaseva T.L.
Distribution of nitrazepam and its metabolites in the subcellular fractions of several white rat organs
96-101 Almatov K.T., Aulov D.M., Akhmerov R.N., Rakhimov M.M.
Activity and stability of NAD.H-oxidase, succinate oxidase and cytochrome oxidase of rat liver and pancreatic mitochondria in chronic allergic colitis
101-105 Veremeenko K.N., Volokhonskaia L.I.
Proteolytic enzymes in palatine tonsil lymphocytes
105-109 Popova I.A., Akopian A.S.
Acid gamma-amylase of rabbit and human brain
110-114 Khramov V.A., Klimova I.M.
Reaction of n-benzoquinone with aminoderivatives and its use in biochemistry
114-119 Rentsova I.., Gurykh I..
Presence of iron in the composition of prolyl hydroxylase
120-121 Gobeev V.N., Khripach L.V.
Possible significance of hexokinase binding to mitochondrial membranes
122-127 Kalashnikov V.M., Zaichik V.E.
Determination of nitrogen, fluorine and phosphorus in osseous tissues by photonuclear activation
127-131 Tkachuk V.A., Malinovskaia K.I.
Fast and highly-sensitive method of quantitative determination of carnosine and anserine in animal tissues
131-135 Neifakh E.A.
Highly-sensitive method of studying the toxicity of lipid peroxides
135-139 Popova I.A., Stepanova N.G.
Determination of inorganic phosphate in the presence of phosphocarbohydrates
139-141 Promyslov M.Sh., Kapytovskaia I.N.
Several methodolic features of determining cerebral gamma-aminobutyric acid
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