1969, Volume 15, Issue 3
211-223 Pevzner L.Z.
Biochemical study of neuroglia
223-226 Pogodaev K.I., Turova N.F., Semavin I.E.
On cholinesterase activity in rabbit brain during experimental atherosclerosis and functional loading
227-230 Poletaeva K.A.
Aspartate-alpha-ketoglutarate and alanine-alpha-ketoglutarate transaminase activity in rat kidney cortex after hydrocortisone administration, after starvation and during alloxan-induced diabetes
230-234 Chalabian Z.A., Iskandarian E.V.
New data on RNA-polymerase isolated from nuclei of large hemisphere cells
235-243 Kashkin K.P., Sharetskiĭ A.N., Surinov B.P., Bochkova D.N.
Studies on brain proteins and esterases by means of electrophoresis and immunoelectrophoresis
243-247 Chernyshov V.P.
Immunochemical properties of acid phosphatase of the human prostate gland and its adenoma
247-250 Rubina K.M., Romanchuk L.A., Lobanov M.M.
Polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis studies on the distribution of lactate dehydrogenase isoenzymes in cortical and medullar parts of rat kidney during acute hypoxia
251-256 Rodionov V.M., Pospelova A.V., Tuul' L.I., Kulakova T.G.
Half-life time and haptoglobin distribution in the body in the course of radiation sickness
256-261 Bachinskiĭ P.P.
Some peculiarities in glucose-6-phosphate conversion into fructose by enzymes of hemolyzed erythrocytes after sugar loading
261-265 Mukhamedzhanov E.K., Davidovskiĭ L.Ya., Streliukhina N.A., Esyrev O.V.
Acetylcholine-cholinesterase system in the myocardium of normal rabbits and rabbits with experimental myocardial lesion
265-269 Adigamov L.F., Annaev B.B., Zbarskiĭ I.B.
Isolation and some properties of alkaline RN-ase from beef parotid gland
269-272 Ivanova A.G., Zubenko P.M.
Glycogen and glycogenolytic activity of muscles of experimentally reimplanted limbs
273-276 Gorozhanskaia E.G., Rovenskiĭ I.A., Shapot V.S.
Study on the glycolytic ability of cell-free ascites Ehrlich tumor extract
276-279 Stekol'nikov L.I., Katkovskii S.B., Tepelina O.M., Konopatskaia V.M., Abdukarimov A., Egorova T.V.
Physico-chemical and biological peculiarities of thyrocalcitonin complexes with high molecular weight compounds
280-287 Khokhlova D.S.
Effect of olivomycin on RNA biosynthesis in rat liver tumors in vivo
287-291 Orlov G.E., Iaglom D.L., Gurvich A.E., Virnik A.D., Rogovin Z.A.
Synthesis of immunosorbents on the base of cyanuryl cellulose, 3-chloro-2-hydroxypropyl ester of cellulose and engrafted copolymer of cellulose and polyglycidylmetacrylate
291-295 Stepanova N.G.
Effect of an anabolic hormone (methandrostenolone) on NADP-enzyme activity in the rat heart
295-297 Titov A.V.
Determination of beta-mercaptoethylamine and its disulfide in urine and stomach contents by means of paper chromatography
298-303 Radev S.G., Keerig I.Yu., Kulagin V.K., Ivanov I.I.
Changes in adenine nucleotide content in muscles and liver and changes in acid-alkaline balance during traumatic shock and after its treatment
303-307 Alimova E.K., Kisliakova N.D., Astvatsatur'ian A.T., Golikova M.I.
Isolation and analysis of higher saturated fatty isoacids from the lipids of cancerous stomach tissue and stomach wall tissue of healthy humans
307-310 Sokovnina I.M., Promyslov M.Kh.
Role of the functional state of the central nervous system in the metabolism of N-acetyl-L-asparagic acid in brain tissue after closed cerebral injury
310-314 Gorodetskiĭ V.K., Shchors E.I.
Determination of keto-sugars in biological fluids by use of beta-indoleacetic acid
315-317 Levin F.B.
A simple method for tyrosine aminotransferase activity determination by spectrophotometry
317-321 Oksenkrug G.F.
An application of the ninhydrin reaction for fluorometric determination of tissue serotonin extracted at low pH-value
321-322 Shtern T.L., Kibardin S.A.
A simple method for preparative separation of hemoglobin and catalase on hydroxyapatite columns
323-327 Shatalova A.A.
A fluorometric method for the differential determination of catecholamines in the blood
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