1983, Volume 29, Issue 3
3-4 Debov S.S., Tikhonenko T.I., Ostroumova L.M.
Some results of research according to the 'gene' program
4-8 Zhdanov V.M., Granovskiĭ N.N., Kovgan A.A., Drynov I.D., Viazov S.O.
Cloning in bacterial and yeast vectors of the hepatitis B virus genome
8-11 Kalinin V.N., Ovechko N.N., Granovskiĭ N.N.
The modern system for selection of cryptic plasmids based on replicon pMBI
11-14 Granovskiĭ N.N., Galkina G.M., Manykin A.A., Zhdanov V.M.
Cloning of the SV40 virus genome simultaneously with yeast vector YEp 13
14-22 Chaplygina N.M., Gartel' A.L., Ponomareva T.I., Tiunnikov G.I., Tikhonenko T.I.
Characteristics of integration of monkey adenovirus SA7 DNA fragments with genomes of transformed and tumoral cells
22-25 Khudiakov Iu.E., Lopareva E.N., Smirnov V.D., Nikol'skaia I.I., Surin V.L.
Recognition site in the restriction endonuclease Eco CK
25-29 Del'vig A.A., Kukharenko V.I., Grinberg K.N., Debov S.S.
Absence of a gene dose effect for collagen type I and III in fibroblasts with trisomy of chromosome 7 from a spontaneously aborted human fetus
29-33 Kazakova T.B., Babich S.G., Golovina G.I., Nevzgliadova O.V., Smolianitskiĭ A.G.
Construction of vectors for eukaryotes on the basis of fragments of mitochondrial DNA of animals
33-38 Dergunova L.V., Mazurova O.L., Slominskiĭ P.A., Limborskaia S.A.
Moleculo-genetic study of beta-thalassemia heterogenity in the USSR
38-42 Frol'kis R.A., Mkhitarian L.S.
ATPase activity and binding of calcium by sarcoplasmic reticulum of the myocardium in coronary insufficiency
42-44 Zhikhareva A.I., Tazhudinova S.I.
Alteration in the phospholipid spectrum of blood serum and the state of hemocoagulation in experimental loading with phospholipids
44-49 Minchenko A.G.
Peculiarities of the functioning of the mitochondrial genome in experimental alloxan diabetes
49-53 Golovenko N.Ya., Meteshkin I.V., Kuznetsova S.V.
Oxidation of phenazepam in isolated hepatocytes from white rats
53-57 Gribanov G.A., Shchennikova V.V.
Alterations in acid and alkaline phosphatase activity in some steroid-producing organs of rats in autolysis
57-60 Mikaelian N.P., Fortinskaia E.S.
Content of lipids in plasma and some cytochemical patterns of leukocytes in experimental hypercholesterolemia
60-64 Grozdova M.D., Khokhlova I.V., Panasiuk A.F., Sharlova I.L., Trofimova T.M.
Transport of calcium ions and content of cyclic nucleotides in fibroblast cultures from skin of patients with rheumatoid arthritis
64-67 Palamarchuk V.I., Trikash I.O., Antonenko L.V.
Content of squalene and sterols in tissues of the hemopoietic system in normal rats and in experimental leukemia
67-70 Palamarchuk V.I., Trikash I.O.
Alterations in composition of sterols and in properties of erythrocyte membranes in rats with Shvetz experimental leukemia and after UV irradiation
70-74 Vasil'ev V.B., Zakharova E.T., Shavlovskii M.M.
Analysis of species differences of radioactively labeled ceruloplasmin and albumin by means of peptide maps
74-76 Evdokimov L.D., Elaev N.R.
Protein factor from blood causing inactivation of atropine
77-79 Reznik L.V.
Effect of ionophores A 23187 and valinomycin on acetyocholinesterase activity in rabbit erythrocytes
80-82 Bel'chenko D.I., Khanina N.Ia., Kapustin A.V.
Glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase and lactate dehydrogenase activities and lactate dehydrogenase isoenzyme spectrum in human myocardium after sudden death caused by acute alcohol intoxication and ischemic heart disease
83-88 Khomenko A.G., Vysochina I.V., Kolosovskaia V.P., Efimova L.N., Kuz'mina N.V.
Opportunities for the evaluation of the secondary reaction of antituberculosis drugs by several indicators, determined in the blood of patients with tuberculosis of the lungs
88-91 Dukravets K.A., Kosukhin A.B., Nikitin B.N.
Dynamics of the fatty acid composition of lipids in biological fluids of dogs
92-95 Panin L.E., Kuz'menko D.I., Kolpakov A.R.
Effect of apoproteins of blood lipoproteins on the functional state of rat liver mitochondria
96-99 Sokolovskiĭ V.V., Novikova E.F., Fedorova V.M., Zaĭtseva N.K.
Effect of mercuric ions (II) on ability of blood plasma proteins to bind various forms of ascorbic acid
100-105 Volkova Z.I., Gritsman N.N.
Role of histiocytic and parenchymatous elements of the liver in biosynthesis of reactive blood glycoproteins (haptoglobin and ceruloplasmin)
105-108 Markelov I.M., Vikhriev B.S., Tupikova Z.A., Kuznetsova L.A.
Content of middle mass molecules in blood serum of patients with burns after hemosorption treatment
108-111 Tupikova Z.A.
Effect of middle mass molecules from blood sera of patients with burns on the process of lipid peroxidation
111-116 Krauialis K.I., Ulinskaite A.P., Kil'dema L.A., Diashrius A.P., Iurkshaitite R.Iu.
Characterization of cytosol and nuclear glucocorticoid receptors from rat liver tissue in hepatocarcinogenesis
116-119 Zlatopol'skii A.D., Zykova T.A., Mazurov V.I.
Identification of the immunoglobulin nature of collagen-binding protein from bovine serum
119-124 Vasil'ev V.N., Chugunov V.S.
Test with 0.1g L-DOPA in clinical neuroses and neurosis-like states
125-127 Chaĭkovskiĭ V.S., Morozov V.I.
Radioimmune determination of steroids--comparison of 2 variants of the methods
127-130 Vasil'ev A.V., Kapelevich T.A., Tutel'ian V.A.
Spectrofluorimetric procedures for estimation of lysosomal cathepsins A, B C and D activities
130-134 Kniazeva T.A., Pereverzeva O.G., Spirichev V.B., Fanchenko N.D., Anashkina G.A.
Estimation of 25-hydroxyvitamin D in blood serum using competitive binding with protein
134-136 Musaev N.I., Khasigov P.Z., Kuznetsov D.A.
Chromatographic method for quantitative determination of cordycepin in rat brain tissue after intraperitoneal injection of the antibiotic
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