1982, Volume 28, Issue 6
10-19 Sharmanov T.Kh., Mamyrbaev A.A., Tazhibaev S.S.
Effect of lipid-soluble vitamins on the metabolism of proteins and nucleic acids (review)
20-24 Gromov A.E., Kulikova A.I., Shostka G.D., Tugusheva F.A., Lukichev B.G.
Physico-chemical properties of the blood of patients with chronic kidney failure
24-27 Reznikov K.M., Leonov A.N., Obolenskiĭ A.L.
Effect of hyperbaric oxygenation on the oxidative phosphorylation in mitochondria of normal and ischemic myocardium
27-33 Ilizarov G.A., Matveenko V.N., Gaidamak A.N., Ir'ianov Iu.M.
Formation of an organic matrix in the traction method of bone regeneration and characteristics of its mineralization in experimental tibia lengthening
33-37 Petrunin D.D., Molodenkov M.N., Olefirenko G.A.
Immunochemical identification of proteins adsorbed on columns of activated charcoal during hemosorption in patients with psoriasis
37-40 Butenko Z.A., Smirnova I.A., Chernaia Z.A., Kishinskaia E.G., Baryshnikova N.E.
Effect of histone H5 on the development of virus-induced leukemia and RNA synthesis in leukemic cells
41-45 Blinova T.V., Solopaeva I.M., Zharikova G.V.
Effect of choriogonine on the enzymatic activity of lysosomes in the cirrhotic liver in the rat
45-48 Gevorkian E.S., Sarkisian E.G., Panosian G.A.
Induction of various enzymes in the rabbit uterus with estradiol
48-50 Aĭtbaev K.A.
Disturbances of metabolism of high density lipoproteins in patients with ischemic stroke
51-56 Grozdova M.D., Khokhlova Yu.V., Panasiuk A.F., Guseva N.G.
Effect of epinephrine on a culture of normal skin fibroblasts and fibroblasts in systemic scleroderma
56-59 Sysoliatina N.A., Sapozhkov A.V.
Role of glycogenolysis inhibition in the etiology of arrhythmias in coronary disease
60-63 Chernysheva G.V., Iliushko N.A., Kondrat'ev Iu.I., Mel'nik V.I., Stoida L.V.
Effect of 30-day hypokinesia on Ca2+ transport, activity of ATPases and lipid peroxidation in the membranes of the sarcoplasmic reticulum and in the mitochondria of the skeletal and heart muscles
63-66 Goncharova L.V.
Hormonal induction of tyrosine aminotransferase in animal liver during chronic poisoning with ethanol and carbon tetrachloride
66-71 Li V.S., Khalilov E.M., Saburova V.I., Gorbatenkova E.A., Azizova O.A.
Lipid composition and structure-functional properties of membranes of erythrocytes of different ages
71-75 Mikhaĭlovskiĭ V.O., Tsiakalo L.V., Stogniĭ N.A., Gulyĭ M.F.
Synthesis of polyamines in the rat liver during thermal injury
75-78 Brill G.E.
Concentration of histamine and serotonin in the blood and in the tissues during staphylococcal exotoxin shock
78-80 Mal'tsev G.Iu., Gapparov M.M.
Effect of the imbalance of dietary carbohydrates and fats on protein turnover in subcellular fractions of rat liver
81-83 Suvorov A.P.
Activity of peptide hydrolases and trypsin inhibitor in psoriasis
84-87 Lebedev D.A., Efimova I.V., Rassokhina I.I.
Cell density and synthesis of DNA and RNA in cultured skin fibroblasts of patients with systemic scleroderma and rheumatoid arthritis
87-90 Kosenko E.A., Kaminskiĭ I.G., Derkachev E.F., Shchipakin V.N., Kondrashova M.N.
Effect of bicarbonate and insulin on energy metabolism in the mitochondria of rat liver
91-94 Kaminskiĭ I.G., Kosenko E.A., Derkachev E.F., Shchipakin V.N., Kondrashova M.N.
Effect of bicarbonate and insulin on the mitochondria-cytoplasmic interactions in the rat liver in vivo
94-96 Iakushev V.S., Zhezha V.V., Davydov V.V.
Glycolysis in the myocardium during necrosis induced after the exposure to stress
96-98 Malinovskaia V.V., Litovchenko V.G., Balandin I.G.
Interferons produced by L929 cells in the presence of sera from newborn and adult mice
98-105 Blazhevich N.V., Sergeev I.N., Arkhapchev I.P., Isaeva V.A., Spirichev V.B.
Effect of vitamin D3 and its metabolites 1,25-dihydroxycholecalciferol and 24,25-dihydroxycholecalciferol on callus mineralization in rats with femoral fracture
105-109 Kidrasova R.S., Kamilov F.Kh.
Effect of thermal injury on the gluconeogenesis in the liver and in the kidneys of immature animals
110-113 Formaziuk V.E.
Sodium azide--an activator of serum lipoproteins peroxidation
113-117 Vokurkova N.N., Zbarskiĭ I.B.
Electrophoretic pattern of the nuclear matrix proteins from rat hepatoma-27, and the effect of various proteinase inhibitors
117-121 Khmara N.F., Shuvaev V.E., Samal' A.B., Cherenkevich S.N.
Lipid peroxidation and development of dystrophic changes in the intervertebral disks during atherosclerosis
122-125 Dmitriev M.T., Rastiannikov E.G., Volkov S.A., Sotnikov E.E., Malysheva A.G.
Precision analysis of human microsecretions
126-131 Tat'ianenko L.V., Sokolova N.V., Moshkovskii Iu.Sh.
Comparative study of the mechanism of action of biologically active substances on the membrane-bound mitochondrial monoamine oxidase and Ca2+, Mg2+-dependent ATPase of the sarcoplasmic reticulum
131-134 Degtiar' V.G., Miloserdov Iu.V., Kushlinskii N.E.
Method of quantitative determination of androgens and their metabolites
134-136 Polevaia O.Yu., Danilova N.P., Kovalev I.E.
Method of detection of antibodies against cholesterol
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