1984, Volume 30, Issue 4
2-12 Kendysh I.N.
Inhibitors of gluconeogenesis (review)
12-17 Bozhko G.Kh.
Molecular mechanisms of the interaction of catecholamine with elements of cellular genomes (review)
17-20 Babikova N.V., Shustova N.D., Vaserin I.I., Blizniuk V.V., Kobiakova T.N.
Immunoenzyme analysis. Quantitative determination of antibodies to the influenza virus
20-22 Zhikhareva A.I., Tazhudinova S.I., Gracheva I.V.
Changes in blood phospholipid and sugar levels and hemocoagulation in long-term cooling
22-26 Khokha A.M., Fustochenko B.P.
Isolation of orotic acid from the liver and its metabolism in the rat
26-28 Zorin N.A., Zorina R.M.
Immunoelectrophoretic analysis of reactions between heparin and pregnancy proteins
28-32 Tairov M.M., Bersimbaev R.I., Argutinskaia S.V., Deribas V.I., Kiseleva E.V.
Biochemical mechanisms of the regulation of gastric mucus secretion in the rat: the role of prostaglandin E2 and histamine
32-36 Lelevich V.V., Ostrovskiĭ I.M., Lukashik N.K.
Characteristics of glucose metabolism in rats with different preferences for alcohol
36-39 Kosukhin A.B.
Effect of alphalphalpha-tocopherol and hyperbaric oxygenation on lipid fatty-acid composition of the plasma in hypercholesteremic rabbits
39-42 Andreenko G.V., Podorol'skaia L.V.
Participation of the kidney in changes in the fibrinolytic system during electroshock
42-46 Sharmanov T.Kh., Mamyrbaev A.A., Tazhibaev S.S., Khaĭdarova T.S., Bakanova A.A.
Biosynthesis of DNA and RNA in the liver under conditions of deficient nutrition and exposure to N-nitrosopiperidine
46-47 Vlasov B.Ya.
Interaction of the pentosephosphate cycle and nucleic acid metabolism during the healing of experimental fractures
48-50 Trinus F.P., Braver-Chernobul'skaia B.S., Luik A.I., Boldeskul A.E., Velichko A.N.
Changes in the secondary and tertiary structure of serum albumin in interactions with ligands of various structures
51-53 Mikhaĭlov V.V., Gerina L.S.
Levels of biogenic amines in the salivary and lacrimal glands in experimental staphylococcal pancreatitis in rats
53-55 Khomulo P.S., Gritskevich N.L.
Physiologico-biochemical correlates of the behavioral reactions in cats under states of emotional stress
56-60 Kal'venas A.A., Balasiavichius R.V., Dzheia P.P., Toleikis A.I., Prashkiavichius A.K.
Estimation of intact outer and inner membranes of heart mitochondria
60-64 Lukash A.I., Vnukov V.V., Dudkin S.I.
Biochemical estimation of individual sensitivity to oxygen intoxication in rabbits
64-67 Petrov V.N., Khlopovskaia E.I., Dubovik B.V., Britun A.I.
Effect of adrenalectomy and anti-adrenergic preparations on the development of hyperenzymic and biochemical changes in the blood in burns
67-71 Golovenko N.Ia., Zin'kovskii V.G., Zhuk O.V., Meteshkin Iu.V.
Factors affecting the metabolism and distribution of phenazepam in subcellular fractions of animal hepatocytes
71-74 Klimov A.N., Alksnis E.G., Lozovskiĭ V.T.
Cholesterol content of erythrocytes in humans with different levels of plasma cholesterol
74-78 Lukomskaia I.S., Lavrenova T.P., Tomilina N.A., Zubkin M.L., Fedorova N.D.
Neutral alpha glucosidase in human urine as a marker of kidney impairment
78-82 Stan E.Ya., Chernikov M.P.
Proteolytic activity of the rat stomach in early ontogenesis during artificial feeding with milk substitutes
83-86 Korobova L.N.
Several indicators of histamine metabolism in hyperbaric oxygenation
86-91 Kharchenko M.F., Shatskaia T.L., Ostroumova S.S., Rybakova L.P., Shcherbakova E.G.
Glycosaminoglycans in leukocytes in myeloproliferative disorders
91-94 Galkina S.I.
Effect of different forms of vitamin A and its combination with vitamin E on the peroxidation of lipids
94-97 Semenova I.A., Pen'kovskaia N.P.
Effect of a purine-free diet on the purine phosphoribosyltransferase activity of erythrocytes in patients with Lesch-Nyhan syndrome
97-100 Ashirmetov A.Kh., Inoiatova F.Kh., Krakovskiĭ M.E., Komarin A.S.
Functional state of rat liver mitochondria in experimental peritonitis
101-106 Yurkov Yu.A., Bankova V.V., Khamidova M.M., Prishchepova N.F., Tambovtseva V.I.
Free radical oxidation of lipids and erythrocyte stability to hemolysis in healthy and sick children
106-110 Voskoboev A.I., Gritsenko E.A., Ostrovskiĭ I.M.
Thiamine triphosphate content of the liver of albino rats with different levels of thiamine
110-116 Mazurov A.V., Leĭtin V.L., Repin V.S.
Inhibition of thrombocyte spreading and the formation of thrombus-like aggregates bound with substrate by the anti-anginal agent trapidil
116-118 Fanchenko N.D.
Comparative characteristics of several properties of the estradiol-binding system of the human uterus and fallopian tubes
122-125 Korneva I.A., Chaĭkovskiĭ V.S.
Effect of the conditions of isolation of free and bound ligands on the accuracy of the radioimmunoassay of steroids
125-127 Kostiuk V.A., Potapovich A.I., Lunets E.F.
Spectrophotometric evaluation of diene conjugates
127-132 Chudinov A.A., Chudinova L.A., Korobov V.P.
Method of determining low-molecular weight oligoamines in various biological materials
132-136 Badalian L.O., Grinio L.P., Temin P.A., Dzhutova E.D., Kushelev A.R.
Distribution of free amino acid in blood plasma and erythrocytes in Becker-Kiner muscular dystrophy
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