1971, Volume 17, Issue 4
339-356 Uzbekov M.G.
Glycolipids: structure, enzymatic conversions and metabolic disorders in human diseases
356-360 Kruchakova F.A., Izabolinskaia R.M., Polner R.A.
Effect of various combinations of antibacterial drugs on enzyme activity in guinea pig tissues
364-369 Tsyganenko A.Ya.
Separate and combined action of antibiotics and vitamins on monoamine oxidase activity of the rabbit liver in staphylococcal infection
369-373 Konikova A.S., Pogosova A.V., Nikulin V.I.
Incorporation of labeled amino acids into proteins of organs and tissues of rabbit after cessation of vital activity of the body and during resuscitation
373-379 Kratinov A.G., Khar'kova N.M.
Change in the glycogen level in the liver, heart and skeletal muscles of rodents during exposure to plague toxin
379-382 Rustamova B.A., Molchanoca L.V.
Interaction of fibrin-stabilizing factor with plasmin in vitro
382-384 Fedorova V.M.
Role of bile acids and phospholipids in the stabilization of cholesterol in the gallbladder bile
384-388 Loginskiĭ V.E.
Immunoelectrophoretic characterization of the changes in serum proteins in hemoblastosis
388-393 Balaba T.Ya., Zatsepin S.T., Furtseva L.N.
Collagen metabolism in patients with bone system tumors
394-397 Kapitonova Z.D.
Activity of hexokinase and glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase in hemopoietic cells of the bone marrow in normal rabbits and after hydrocortisone administration during starvation and alloxan diabetes
397-400 Drogovoz S.M.
Disturbance of the intensity of secretion and chemical composition of bile in liver dystrophy induced by carbon tetrachloride
400-403 Poletaeva K.A.
Transaminase activity of the cortical layer of the kidney of rats of different ages and sex after administration of hydrocortisone and insulin
403-407 Rozengart V.I., Chetverikova E.K., Mozgovaia I.A.
Carbohydrate metabolism during poisoning with the cholinesterase inhibitor O-ethyl-S-hexylmethylthiophosphonate
407-411 Tagi-zade S.B., Shapot V.S.
Possibility of achieving the Pasteur effect by ascites carcinoma cells in vivo
411-414 Natanson A.O., Grigor'eva L.V.
Effect of experimental hyper- and hypothyrosis on the level of various forms of vitamin A in various tissues of albino rats
415-422 Rubtsova G.V., Botrin I.I., Debov S.S.
Features of RNA synthesis in isolated cell nuclei of M-1 sarcoma and rat liver
423-427 Andreenko G.V., Migalina L.A.
Action mechanism of nicotinic acid on fibrinolysis in vitro and in vivo
428-439 Vidershaĭn G.Ya., Kolibaba L.G.
Methods of determining free and bound 6-deoxyhexoses
439-443 Perevoshchikova K.A., Parinov V.Ia., Vavilina G.P., Solov'eva L.Ia.
Comparative evaluation of chemical methods for determining diethylstilbestrol in tissues of animal origin
444-446 Gorkin V.Z., Akopian Z.I., Stesina L.N.
Modification of the catalytic properties of highly purified bovine liver mitochondrial monoaminoxidase
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