1970, Volume 16, Issue 3
227-240 Uspenskaia V.D.
The site of the synthesis and catabolism of haptoglobin and its role in hemoglobin metabolism
240-244 Timofeeva L.M.
The concentration of adenylic system components and enzyme activity in the thrombocytes of patients with thrombocythemia
244-250 Diasamidze G.A.
The effect of tyrosine, methionine and lysine loading on the regional distribution of the free amino acid pool in the brains of white rats
250-253 Sidorenko I.V., Gil'miiarova F.N.
Disorders in glycolytic oxidoreduction and reactions related to it in the tissues of rabbits in experimental hypercholesterolemia
254-258 Tagi-Zade S.B., Shapot V.S.
The effect of tumor development in the body on the deposition of glycogen in the liver
259-262 Nikol'skii A.V., Blokhina V.D., Romantsev E.F.
The effect of ionizing radiation on the inclusion of C-14 amino acids in the proteins of the nuclei and the deoxyribonucleoprotein of the cells of rat tissues
263-265 Abramovich A.B., Evseenko L.S.
The free serum amino acids of acute leukemia patients
266-268 Niselovskaia L.I., Gramenitskaia E.S.
Muscle energy metabolism and bodily heat exchange in diphtheria intoxications
268-273 Mir'em L.M.
Characteristics of the RNA of rat reticulosarcoma 321-KPC, obtained by the column chromatography method
274-276 Chirkin A.A., Kozin V.M.
The effect of ultrasound on transaminase activity in the organs of white rats
276-280 Golubinskiĭ E.P., Borzenkova V.I.
The dehydrogenases of the plague microbe
281-286 Klimenko A.I.
The effect of thyroxine on the concentration of nucleic acids and proteins in the cell nuclei of the livers of white rats
286-289 Vasil'eva G.N., Miagkaia G.L.
The composition of insoluble collagen in the lungs of rats under normal conditions and in experimental silicosis
290-293 Rustamova B.A., Molchanova L.V., Kudriashov B.A.
The effect of heparin on fibrin clot stabilization
293-295 Golovinskiĭ E.E., Emanuilov E.E., Markov G.G.
The effect of orotic acid hydrazide on the growth of Neurospora crassa and on the development of Ehrlich ascitic tumor
296-300 Gerasimova E.N., Ignatova L.N., Ryvkin I.A., Riabtseva S.V.
The binding capacity of transcortin in hypertension with respect to geneologic and twin studies
300-306 Grigor'eva L.V., Natanson A.O., Smirnov M.I., Shipitsyna L.P.
The influence of the functional state of the adrenal glands on the oxidative transformation of vitamin A and its concentration in the adrenals, liver and plasma of white rats
307-310 Voronova L.F.
Changes in the concentration of free amino acids in the blood of healthy persons and patients with chronic gastritis
310-316 Alimova E.K., Endakova E.A.
The fatty acid composition of serum lipids in atherosclerosis
316-322 Ostrovskii Iu.M., Lukashik N.K., Trebukhina R.V., Dosta G.A., Mazhul' A.G., Nepochelovich N.S., Komarova B.P., Karput' N.S., Larin F.S., Makarina-Kibak L.Ia.
The consequences of prolonged administration of an excess of thiamine: changes in carbohydrate, protein and lipid metabolism
323-326 Voskoboĭnikov G.V.
Electrophoretic separation and estimation of the concentration of acid soluble nucleotides in animal tissues
326-329 Levin F.B.
A rapid method of determining the concentration of phenylalanine in blood
329-333 Titov A.V., Mordukhovich V.V., Lerner O.M.
A method of chromatographic determination of beta-mercaptoethylamine in the blood and tissues
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