1970, Volume 16, Issue 2
137-139 Ashmarin I.P., Avenirova E.L.
Effect of histones and actinomycin D on RNA synthesis in brain
140-141 Shapiro G.A., Chakhava O.V., Atamanova O.M.
Glucocorticoids function of adrenal cortex in guinea pigs free from germs
142-147 Tagi-Zade S.B., Shapot V.S.
Enhancement in S35-methionine incorporation into proteins of experimental tumors of rats and mice at the increased consumption of organism with oxygen and glucose
148-151 Mikhaĭlova I.A.
Protein fraction content of sarcoplasma of vessel muscle and its changes at hypertension in humans
152-161 Paskhina T.S., Iarovaia G.A., Laufer A.L., Gulikova O.M., Trapeznikova S.S., Morozova N.A., Makarova O.V., Tikhomirov I.B., Sysoev V.F., Mach E.S.
The content and activity of basic components of kinin system in blood serum of patients with rheumatism
161-168 Kudriashov B.A., Liapina L.A., Molchanova L.V., Rustamova B.A.
Nature of lytic effect of fibrinogen-heparin and thyroxine-heparin complexes on fibrin
168-172 Gorkina N.B., Mazurov V.I.
The effect of chlormaphenicol on the dissociation and reassociation of E. coli ribosomes
172-176 Smirnov M.I., Plokhoĭ V.I., Pushkina L.A., Gamburtseva A.G., Kravtsova L.S.
Energy state of isolated rat liver mitochondria after cessation of prolonged hydrocortisol administration
176-183 Aitova E.A., Bronskaia L.M., Gorkin V.Z., El'piner I.E.
Amine oxidase in cytoplasmic membranes and nuclei of liver cells
184-189 Ognivenko V.M., Iakubovskaia V.I.
Lipids metabolism during the treatment of experimental hypercholesterolemia by nyamide
189-195 Cherniak N.B., Timofeeva L.M., Skopina S.B.
Effect of freezing and thawing on biochemical characteristics of thrombocytes
195-198 Trushina M.N., Khomiakov K.P., Virnik A.D., Rogovin Z.A., Rogozkin V.D.
Studies of radioprotective action of polymer salt of cystamine and sulphopropyl ester of dextran
198-204 Stekol'nikov L.I., Tepelina O.M., Sumarokov D.D.
Studies on changes of hypocalcemic activity of tyrocalcitonin during the interactions with proteins of various tissues
204-206 Smirnova M.G.
Ascorbic acid effect on hexokinase activity in the skin of guinea pigs
207-210 Silaeva S.A., Avdeeva L.V., Debov S.S.
Method of preparation of 2-C14-cytidine and uridine nucleotides with the use of enzyme preparation from M-1 rat sarcoma
211-215 Kulagin O.M.
Modification of apparatus for large-scale studies of blood serum proteins by means of agar electrophoresis
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