1967, Volume 13, Issue 1
3-5 Golikov A.P.
Effect of vitamin B6 on the distribution of labeled cholesterol in beta-lipoproteins of blood serum under experimental hypercholesterolemia
5-8 Gorelov K.P.
Functional conditions of the anticlotting system in bleeding
9-11 Limanova E.E.
Isolation of purified exophthalmos factor of hypophysis and determination of its activity
12-17 Nikol'skaia I.I., Kislina O.S., Tikhonenko T.I.
Properties of Vipera lebetina venom phosphodiesterase
17-19 Afanas'eva A.V.
Embryo-specific alpha-globulin in adult dog blood serum after partial hepatectomy
19-21 Gorkina Z.A.
Antigenic spectrum of water-soluble proteins in normal human liver
21-25 Dzhaparidze M.N., Smirnova L.A., Nazarova E.I.
Content of maleic and fumaric acids in tissues of laboratory animals during experimental plague intoxication
25-28 Pikulev A.T., Poliakova Z.I.
Changes in activity of glutamate-alanine and glutamate-asparagine aminotransferases in the central nervous system and skeletal muscle after x-irradiation
29-33 Kudriashov B.A., Pastorova V.E., Glotova V.L.
Heparin-antifibrinolysin complex and its role in the anticoagulation system
34-37 Bel'chenko D.I.
Effect of insulin and adrenalectomy on the inhibition of hexokinase by blood serum of febrile animals
37-42 Tatarinov I.S.
Immunochemical and electrophoretic characteristics of embryo-specific glublins of human blood serum in the fetus
42-46 Siurin A.A., Bazaz'ian G.G.
Lipoprotein lipase and blood clotting in patients with arteriosclerosis
47-50 Uzbekov G.A., Balandina L.L.
Stimulation of the formation of macroergic phosphates in skeletal muscle and liver of animals after administration of insulin and vitamin E
51-59 Dorfman N.A.
Organ specific antigens of rat liver and dynamics of their appearance of ontogenesis
59-66 Surovikina M.S.
On the mechanism of spontaneous formation of bradykinin from the globulin fraction of rabbit blood serum
66-69 Khvatova E.M., Shvets N.A.
Changes in the coupling of oxidation with phosphorylation in brain mitochondria during hypothermia
69-73 Nikiforova N.V.
On the pathochemical characteristics of experimental nephrotic syndrome
73-75 Kochetov G.A., Prozorovskiĭ V.N.
Effect of temperature on the quantity of determinable sulfhydryl groups in transketolase
76-78 Strelkov R.B.
Effect of protective antiradiation reagents on the ammonia content of rat brain tissue
78-83 Mardashev S.R., Dabagov N.S., Gonchar N.A.
Inhibitors of microbic L-histidinedecarboxylase
83-85 Alievskaia L.L., Kaplanskiĭ S.Ya.
Effect of adrenal cortex and thyroid gland hormones on the synthesis of amino acids
86-88 Siudmak N.V.
Complexometric determination of calcium and magnesium in urine
88-91 Manukhin B.N., Viaz'mina N.M.
Colorimetric method for the quantitative assay of adrenaline and noradrenaline
91-94 Voluĭskaia E.N.
Identification of insulin fractions in water solutions by starch-gel electrophoresis method
94-97 Neĭfakh E.A., Burobina S.A.
Quantitative method for the determination of tocopherol and its derivatives in animal tissues
98-101 Votrin I.I., Filippovich I.V., Rebrov L.B., Debov S.S.
Separate isolation of C14-RNA and C14-DNA preparations from E. coli
102-103 Rozenfel'd E.L., Iusipova N.A.
Tamm-Horsfall hemagglutination inhibitor in normal and some disease conditions
104-105 Kartasheva N.V., Paniukov A.N., Rozengart V.I.
Purification of brain acetylcholinesterase
105-107 Shimonaeva E.E.
On some properties of carboxypeptidase N from rabbit blood serum
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