1978, Volume 24, Issue 1
3-7 Sodikov E.S., Kazakov K.S.
New aspects of the effect of isoniazid on transaminase activity in tuberculosis
7-11 Larionov N.P.
State of the glycolytic system in the hypertrophied heart
12-17 Frol'kis V.V., Bezrukov V.V., Muradian Kh.K.
Synthesis of RNA fractions in rat liver during single and multiple stimulation of the hypothalamus
17-22 Goriukhina O.A., Tkachenko A.A.
Isolation of cationic proteins from rabbit thrombocytes and study of their bacteriostatic activity
22-28 Skovronskaia E.V.
Liver metabolism during massive hemorrhage and subsequent blood transfusion
28-31 Egorova V.A., Beliaeva Z.N., Blinov M.N.
Adenyl cyclase activity of human blood platelets in various blood diseases
31-35 Khvatova E.M., Lavrovsky S.N.
Cerebral lactate dehydrogenase isoenzymes in different hypoxic conditions
35-42 Kashkin K.P., Nikiforova N.A.
Activity of myocardial, kidney and serum isoenzymes in experimental staphylococcal infection
42-46 Krichevskaia A.A., Shugaley V.S., Tsvetnenko E.Z., Ananian A.A.
Protective effect of arginine in hyperoxia. Activity of cerebral glutaminase and glutamate decarboxylase
46-49 Kajkova V.M.
Content of basic lipid fractions in the myocardium of different regions of the heart in healthy people
49-51 Kliueva N.N.
Effect of steroid hormones on glutamate dehydrogenase activity in rat liver mitochondria
52-57 Kuz'mak N.I.
Effect of thyroid inhibitors and thyroidectomy on sialic acid content of rat blood and liver
57-62 Zhitnukhin I.L., Pleskov V.M.
Isolation and analysis of encephalitogenic fractions of spinal cord proteins
62-67 Ogneva V.K., Repin V.S., Cherniavsky V.A.
Protein composition and synthesis in islands of Langerhans isolated from normal rats and rats with alloxan diabetes
67-73 Kiriliuk A.G., Khmelevsky Yu.V.
Mechanisms of interaction of vitamins B1 and PP during absorption in rat intestine
73-76 Karagezian K.G., Ovsepian L.M., Dadaian M.A., Adonts K.G.
Peroxidative and antioxidative activity of lipids in experimental pancreatitis
77-80 Fedurov V.V.
Activation of the incorporation of labeled precursors into ubiquinone in slices of rat hypertrophied kidney
80-84 Bronshtein L.M., Anisimov A.A., Oblizina G.V., Dubovskaia S.S., Rabinovich I.Sh.
Effect of the body's requirements for vitamin K on the electrophoretic characteristics of erythrocyte membrane proteins
84-87 Pushkarskaia N.L., Dikij V.V., Galegov G.A.
Effect of 1-D-ribofuranosyl-1,2,4-triazol-3-carboxamide on the synthesis of cellular macromolecules in cell culture
87-92 Nikiforova A.A., Chistiakova A.M., Matveev I.I., Teriukova N.P., Arkhipov O.P., Kliorin A.I., Klimov A.N.
Comparative lecithin-cholesterol-acyltransferase deficiency in the blood of newborn infants. Comparison of the esterifying activity of neonatal and maternal blood
92-96 Delektorskaia L.N.
Selection of optimal conditions for measuring aspartate aminotransferase activity
96-102 Bazanov E.A., Vorob'eva L.P., Brener E.D., Podol'skaia O.V., Suchkov V.V., Gerasimova E.N., Lebedeva L.N., Tkachenko K.N.
Collagen metabolism in vessel walls during changes in central autonomic regulation
102-108 Shvetskii A.G., Vorob'eva L.M.
Effect of the nonspecific biogenic stimulators pentoxyl and mumie on metabolic processes
109-113 Popov A.V., Vinogradov A.G., Nadtochij V.V.
Electron-autoradiographic and biochemical study of the role of foam cells in low density lipoprotein metabolism
113-118 Kobliakov V.A., Koliada A.Yu.
Microsomal oxygenase enzyme system during chronic administration of 2-acetylaminofluorene
118-122 Nikiforova A.A., Chistiakova A.M., Matveev I.I., Teriukova N.P., Livchak M.Ya., Magracheva E.Ya., Klimov A.N.
Chemical composition of high and low density lipoproteins in neonatal blood plasma
123-126 Belobragina G.V., Medvedev L.A.
Change in the content of a series of components of rat lung connective tissue in the process of aging
127-131 Rudnik V.S.
Phosphofructokinase activity of the plague bacterium
131-136 Klimov A.N., Loviagina T.N., Nagornev V.A., Zubzhitsky Yu.N., Petrova-Maslakova L.G., Bankovskaya E.B., Magracheva E.Ya., Olejnik I.A.
Nature of the lipoprotein antigen responsible for the development of resistance to experimental atherosclerosis following its use in immunization of newborn rabbits
137-140 Verevkina I.V., Kirilova I.I.
Spectrophotometric method of determining monoamine oxidase activity in human thrombocytes
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