1966, Volume 12, Issue 3
227-234 Drozdova G.A., Davydova S.Ya., Shapot V.S., Sapozhnikovoĭ M.B.
Intracellular distribution and some properties of soluble and lipid-bound catalase in normal liver and transplanted hepatoma
240-247 Novikova M.A., Popkova G.A., Chestukhin A.V.
On the mechanism of the biological effect of dichloroacetic acid
248-253 Frol'kis V.V., Epshtein E.V.
Age characteristics in the metabolism of high-energy phosphate compounds in skeletal muscles during rest and work
253-255 Sarapkina T.P.
Orinithine carbamoyltransferase in the blood and urine of rabbits with Brown-Pearce carcinoma
256-258 Khanson K.P.
Effect of total body x-irradiation on adenosine triphosphatase activity in rat liver mitochondria
258-261 Shanygina K.I.
Enzymes of glucose-6-phosphate metabolism in denervated liver
262-265 Gershenovich Z.S., Gershenovich A.Z., Odnokrylaia L.A., Emirbekov E.Z., Veksler I.I.
Nitrogen metabolism of rat brain under the effect of gravitational acceleration
265-267 Khasman E.L., Friazinova I.B.
Alterations in intensity of synthesis of soluble and insoluble protein fractions of organs after administration of typhoid vaccine
273-279 Lapionova T.I., Petrovskaia V.G., Filippova L.M.
Dehydrogenase activity of Salmonella typhi abdominalis and typhimurium of varying virulence
280-284 Pankov I.A.
Effect of NAD-H2 and sodium ascorbate on corticosteroid biosynthesis in homogenates of pig adrenal cortex
284-287 Maslova M.N., Rozengart V.I.
Distrubution of gamma-aminobutyric acid and its derivatives in the body of man and animals
287-291 Virovets O.A., Balakhovskiĭ I.S.
Effect of adrenaline on tissue respiration
292-294 Iurkov I.A., Alatyrtsev V.V.
Quantitative determination of isoenzymes of lactate dehydrogenase by starch gel electrophoresis
295-297 Alekseenko L.P., Orekhovich V.N.
Comparison of the structures of hemoglobin 1 and 3 molecules of hen erythrocytes using the method of peptide mapping
297-302 Onikienko F.A.
Oxidative and glycolytic processes in chronic heptachloride poisoning
302-309 Mishukova E.A.
Glycolysis in thermoregulatory uncoupling of tissue respiration and phosphorylation
310-316 Pokrovskii A.A., Tutel'ian V.A.
Accurate micromethod for determining carbonic anhydrase activity
316-324 Kuzovleva O.B., Gurvich A.E.
Synthesis and properties of new immunosorbents
325-327 Paskhina T.S., Nartikova V.F.
Acid-stable inhibitor of trypsin, plasmin and kallikrein from rabbit blood serum
327-328 Afanas'eva A.V.
Discovery of a new embryo-specific component in blood serum of dog embryos
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