1965, Volume 11, Issue 6
3-14 Anasashvili A.Ts.
Haptoglobins of blood serum
17-21 Shapiro N.I., Moskvicheva I.V.
The infrared spectra and optical rotatory dispersion in preparations of diphtheria toxin and anatoxin
21-24 Dolgova Z.Ya., Dolgov E.G.
Effect of thyroidine on distribution of ascorbic acid in radiation injuries
25-30 Leĭtes S.M., Lempert B.L.
Effect of stress on some patterns of lipid metabolism in fat and cholesterol alimentary loading
30-34 Mittel'shtedt A.A., Bauman L.K., Barkhatova V.P.
Activity of some enzymes in the blood serum in hepatocerebral dystrophy
34-38 Germaniuk I.L., Demchuk M.V., Stadnik N.I.
On the stimulating effect of injections of RNA on ribonucleotide synthesis and the functional state of the heart in dogs
39-42 Zhukov A.V., Burobin V.A.
Estimation of urocaninase in the blood of children
43-47 Sorokina I.B., Oreshikova N.A., Mal'kova V.P., Novikova M.A., Zhdanov G.L.
Effect of NAD level in tumor and regenerating tissues on their sensitivity to sarcolysine
47-54 Ponomarev G.V., Evstigneeva R.P., Mironov A.F., Preobrazhenskiĭ N.A.
Biosynthesis of 6-azauridine in E. coli and conditions of orothidine orotidine accumulation
54-61 Etingof R.N., Shukoliukov S.A.
On glycolysis in the retina and some properties of retinal mitochondria
61-63 Dubinina E.E.
Activity of hexokinase in tissues of rabbits in various stages of fever
64-67 Donchenko G.V.
Effect of amytal and thiopental on the content of ubiquinone in the liver of normal and A-avitaminous rats
68-72 Hsü F.F.
Preparation of highly-active cathepsin C
72-75 Andreev N.A.
Quantitative determination of hyaluronic acid and of chondroitin sulfates A and C in blood serum
76-77 Chulkova T.M., Orekhovich V.N.
Effect of somatotropic hormone on incorporation of radioactive proline into procollagen
77-79 Kudriashov B.A., Molchanova L.V., Bazaz'ian G.G.
Fibrin stabilizing factors in various functional states of the physiological anticlotting system
80-82 Kochetov G.A., Kobylianskaia K.R.
Photoinactivation of transketolase
A.V. PALLADIN (on his 80th birthday)
89-92 Sidorova E.V.
Some notes on the nature of 'nonspecific' gamma globulins
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