1972, Volume 18, Issue 5
451-460 Golovinsky E.E.
Antimetabolites of orotic acid
461-467 Dorfman N.A.
Preparation and use of hybrid antibodies in electron microscopic immunocytochemistry
467-471 Shevtsov V.V., Glebov R.N., Mezentsev A.N., Pogodaev K.I.
Effect of repeated electroconvulsions on incorporation of H3-lysine and C14-orotic acid into subcellular fractions of rat cerebral cortex in long-term observations
472-477 Salganik R.I., Solov'eva N.A.
Induction of galactose-1-phosphate uridylyltransferase in rat liver by galactose and experimental galactosemia
477-482 Veĭnberg A.Ya., Manukhin B.N., Reshetnikova N.A., Chupriianova N.E., Samokhvalov G.I.
Role of gangliosides in serotonin reception
482-489 Pogodaev K.I., Kadenatsi I.B.
Acetylcholine metabolism in different regions of rat brain during tonic and clonic phases of single and repeated epileptiform electroconvulsions
489-492 Pokrovskii A.A., Kon' I.Ia.
Effect of vitamin D2 on mitochondrial enzymes in vitro
493-497 Smirnov M.I., Plokhoĭ V.I., Pushkina L.A.
Effect of vitamins on energy metabolism in isolated rat liver mitochondria following cessation of hydrocortisone
497-502 Nikol'skaia I.I., Trushinskaia G.N., Tikhonenko T.I.
Use of nucleolytic enzymes for detection of anomalies in the primary structure of phage DNA
502-505 Kiseleva I.P.
Lithium-induced increase in the monoamine oxidase activity of rat brain in vitro
505-509 Postupaev V.V., Litonian Z.M.
Effect of hydrocortisone and insulin on gluconeogenesis in the cortical layer of rat kidney during hypoxia
509-514 Pitsin D.G.
Effect of ACTH and hydrocortisone on phospholipid biosynthesis in rat adrenal glands
514-518 Briskin A.I., Stekol'nikov L.I., Sumarokov D.D., Tepelina O.M., Goncharenko S.V.
Interaction of thyrocalcitonin with homogenates of stomach and intestinal tissues
521-529 Kastrikina L.N.
RNA synthesis in crude cell-free system of E. coli
530-533 Chelibonova-Lorer K.Kh.
Effect of purine nucleosides on the adenine nucleotide content of erythrocytes and erythroblasts of chickens with erythroblastosis
533-538 Rozengart V.I., Chingisova R.A., Shmeleva V.G., Shcherbak I.G.
Inactivation of O-alkyl-S-hexylmethyl thiophosphonates in animal tissues
538-544 Meerson F.Z., Pomoinitskii V.D., Iampol'skaia B.A.
Synthesis of DNA, RNA and protein in mitochondria and nuclei of cardiac muscle during adaptation to altitude hypoxia
545-549 Zhantieva E.M., Bogoiavlenskaia N.V.
Spectrophotometric method for quantitative determination of DNA and RNA inhuman uterine myometrium and placenta
550-555 Alekseenko L.P., Orekhovich V.N.
Determination of arginine in proteins without preliminary hydrolysis
555-557 Popova I.A., Chibisov I.V., Rozenfel'd E.L., Akhmina N.I., Barashnev Iu.I.
Biochemical diagnosis of type 3 glycogenosis
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