1971, Volume 17, Issue 1
3-6 Kontsevaia N.G.
Tyrosine metabolism in experimental toxic hepatitis
6-12 Kauricheva N.I., Budnitskaia P.Z., Bogomolets-Enrikes O.M.
Separation and some properties of 2 kininogens of horse serum
12-15 Chuvaev A.V.
Role of the hypophysis in changed formation of corticosteroids during toxic doses of vitamins A and D2
16-17 Azhitskiĭ G.Yu., Kosik O.G., Dotsenko S.M., Troitskiĭ G.V.
Changes in peptide maps and optical rotatory dispersion of rabbit serum albumin following thyroidectomy
18-19 Mikhaĭlova T.A.
Effect of methylthiouracil on the content of cholesterol, its esters, and lipid phosphorus in blood plasma and liver of rabbits during starvation
20-26 Telepneva V.I., Meshter R.R.
Isolation and properties of NAD kinase from normal and denervated skeletal muscles
26-32 Kaliuzhnaia R.A., Matlina E.Kh., Muchinskaia S.P.
Excretion of catecholamines and their precursors in adolescents with toxico-infectious angiocardiopathies
33-37 Severin S.E., Tseĭtlin L.A., Boĭko S.S.
Thiamine diphosphate biosynthesis in the normal myocardium and during adrenaline induced myocarditis
37-40 Iakobson L.I.
Effect of experimental open cerebrocranial injury on oxidative processes in brain tissue
40-46 Isok M.E., Teras L.E.
Glucose-6-phosphatase activity and the effect on this activity of some inductors at different stages of liver carcinogenesis
46-53 Kudriashov B.A., Liapina L.A.
Heparin-adrenaline complex as a humoral agent of the anticoagulation system
54-57 Benenson A.M., Morozkin A.D.
Quaternary structure of cathepsin C from bovine spleen
57-61 Seĭts I.F., Luganova I.S.
Phosphoribosylpyrophosphate and phosphoribosyl-pyrophosphate kinase in human white blood cells
61-65 Titov A.V., Golubentsev D.A.
Transformation of cystaphos in the mouse organism
65-73 Gorkin V.Z., Krivchenkova R.S.
Deamination of some biogenic monoamines and succinate dehydrogenase activity in mitochondria
73-76 Buniatian G.Kh., Kazarian B.A., Safarian E.Kh., Gevorkian G.A.
Effect of gamma-aminobutyric acid on formation of tyrosine from L-phenylalanine in brain and liver tissues
76-82 Ismagulova T.S., Pogosov V.S., Spirichev V.B.
Vitamin B1 metabolism in laryngeal neoplasms
83-88 Mironov G.P., Kaminskiĭ I.G., Kondrashova M.N.
Sensitive fluorometric method of determining SH- and S-S-groups when jointly present
88-93 Chelnakova I.S., Mikosha A.S.
Use of thin-layer chromatography for determining aldosterone in human urine
93-98 Krekhova M.A., Chekhranova M.K.
Fractional determination of cholesterol esters in blood and tissues using thin-layer chromatography
99-101 Sinilova N.G., Ivanov K.K.
Determination of heptoses in bacterial polysaccharides
102-103 Frolova I.A.
Modified method for determining the activity of serum urocaninase activity
103-109 Kulinskiĭ V.I., Shmuter G.M.
Parallel determination of monoamine oxidase and catechol-O-methyl transferase activity in vivo
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