1965, Volume 11, Issue 3
3-10 Trufanov A.V.
Natural forms and mechanism of action of folic acid and the role of vitamin B 12
10-12 Tarasova L.S., Troitskii G.V.
Appearance of a new serum protein fraction during the treatment of experimental atherosclerosis with geraniol
12-17 Bartova L.M., Kulberg A.Ya., Volgin I.B., Tarakhanova N.A.
Antitoxic properties of low-molecular antibodies isolated from the urine of immune rabbits
17-19 Grebennukova A.E.
Activity of the acetylation enzyme in the liver in carbon tetrachloride poisoning
20-26 Spiricheva N.P., Spirichev V.B.
K, Na and Ca content in the blood plasma and erythrocytes in hypervitaminosis D in rats
26-31 Khauatrian L.L., Abaturova N.A.
Energy-rich phosphorus compounds, and creatinase and ATPase activity of the heart muscle in experimental myocardial infarction
31-34 Borisov P.I., Dobrinskaia M.A., Zakharova A.V.
Effect of diphasin on some metabolic processes under normal conditions and in hypoxia
35-40 Maiskiĭ V.G., Bekker M.L.
Incorporation of C-14 labeled sodium formate into cells and nucleic acids of the EV strain of the plague bacillus
40-44 Chertkova M.A., Kharakter Z.Z.
Studies on free amino acids and phosphorus fractions of the blood following the administration of streptomycin and phthivazid
45-52 Kudriashov B.A., Klishevskaia T.M., Bazaz'ian G.G., Poliakova L.A.
Heparin-trypsin complex and its effect on blood fibrinolytic properties in vitro and in vivo
53-57 Chudinovskukh A.V.
Amino acid composition of the alpha-3-protein in the blood serum of non-irradiated and irradiated dogs
57-63 Alievskaia L.L.
On the regulation of glutamate-analine- and glutamate-aspartate-transaminase in the liver and kidneys with the use of adrenal cortex and thyroid hormones
64-67 Pokrovskiĭ A.A., Archakov A.I., Devichenskiĭ V.M.
Effect of promazine on the activity of some liver and blood enzymes in carbon tetrachloride poisoning
67-72 Oreshnikova N.A., Novikova M.A., Zhdanov G.L.
Respiration and oxidative phosphorylation of the mitochondria in regenerating rat livers
73-82 Pokrovskiĭ E.A.
Current methods for the determination of neutral lipids in the blood and tissues
82-85 Strekalov A.A.
A semi-automatic densitometer
85-90 Matlina E.Kh., Sofieva I.E.
On the specificity of the trioxyindole method for the determination of catecholamines
90-92 Sonrunov F.F., Serebriakov E.I., Stefanovskaia N.V., Babaeva A.Kh.
Calculation of the blood and extracellular fluid volume in rabbits and dogs
96-97 Beskina S.R., Ugoleva N.A., Shatkin A.A.
Nucleotide composition of nucleic acids in the trachoma pathogen (strain AlBl)
98-99 Tatarinov I.S.
Embryo-specific globulins in the determination of the group specificity of the human fetal blood
100-101 Pokrovskii A.A., Shcherbakova A.I.
Enzymatic spectra of the blood and liver in cholino-protein deficiency
V. N. Orekhovich. (60th anniversary of his birth)
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